Cancelling My Singapore Airlines First Class Flight (…And This One Hurts)

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Can you believe that it has been 2 months since I’ve published a blog!? In some ways it feels like it was just last week and in other ways I’m reminded that it has been a while. To be completely candid, it took 5 minutes to remember how to insert the cover photo at the top of this blog. Yikes!

Well, I’m glad to be back and I’m looking forward to sharing all the deals, travel hacks, award program “sweetspots” and what is currently happening in the travel space.

As expected, many things have changed in the last 60 days. I have a lot of free time on my hands now that my calendar is completely free of travel so I’ll be covering it all.


2020 was supposed to be an amazing year of travel as I had planned to crisscross the globe reviewing various airlines, hotels and visiting locations that I’ve never visited. In fact, over the last 60 days I’ve cancelled 47 flights and approximately 200,000 miles of flights. The process has been easy with certain airlines and frustrating (to say the least) with others.


This past week, I received an email from Singapore Airlines that my first class flight from London to Singapore had been cancelled. It’s unfortunate as this was the last remaining booked flight of 2020 and the flight that I was most looking forward to.

The email informed me that the flight had been cancelled and contained a link to an “Assistance Request Form”…

After clicking on the link, I was taken to a form that explained the current flight disruptions (i.e. COVID-19) and asked to select from four options:

  • Retain the value of my ticket as flight credits
  • Cancel my booking and request a refund
  • Use flight credits to rebook
  • Other COVID-19 related assistance

I quickly entered my confirmation number, name, email address and submitted the form.

After clicking ‘Submit,’ I received a message that the form had been submitted successfully.

Within a few seconds I also received an email (albeit an automated message) from the airline acknowledging they had received the submission also.


Although it was sad to request a refund, the whole experience left a favorable impression on me. The process was straightforward, the template was user-friendly, and it was communicated that the airline was “doing our best to process your refund as soon as possible.”

That’s far from the experience that I’ve had with many other airlines (but that’s a rant for another day).

I’ve always had great experiences with Singapore Airlines and this further solidifies why I continue to choose them over many other competitors when given the option.

Update: In less than 48 hours from submitting the form, Singapore Airlines has already refunded the fees that I paid for my ticket.

PRO-TIP: Departing from London is notoriously expensive concerning award ticket surcharges. I would’ve paid only SGD52 (~$38USD) if I would’ve flown in the opposite direction (SIN-LHR) on the same flight however the availability did not fit my schedule.

What has been your experience with refunds (with any airline) during this pandemic?


  1. It took over a month to get a refund from Delta but that was at the height of cancellations so I completely understood. They were up front about the time it would take and I could check the status online. I’m cancelling Buenos Aires next month or rather waiting on the airline to cancel. I’m bummed because I was going to get to Antarctica checking off my last continent. The idea that I booked it in March having no clue we were headed down the path we’re on. I thought we would be good by now but oh well. I can’t imagine having to cancel 47 flights. I don’t even think I could keep up with that many. I checked your IG wondering what happened to you last week, I missed your last blog here. Glad you are doing well and spending time with your family. I hope you’ve had some amazing moments with your baby girl and I hope to see you back in the skies soon…


  2. I haven’t tried to cancel, but I have rescheduled several times through Delta Vacations with no problem or change fees. I am going to proceed with my trip in a few weeks. It’s not my first choice, but Mexico seems like the only place that will let us in at this point. Lol I honestly feel safer there than in the US anyway.


  3. Welcome back!
    The flights i had booked in July both got canceled and I didnt get a refund smh. I booked 3rd party and theyre holding my money as credits and I HAVE to book through them again to use my money. Im so annoyed 🙄


  4. @ME I had the same experience with Delta but it gets much worse. Virgin Atlantic took 3 months and that still isn’t the worse yet (blog coming soon). Antarctica sounds amazing! Yeah, who would’ve thought 8 months later, we’d still be in the same spot!? Hopefully, I’ll be able to fill IG will pictures soon.


  5. @missingmymiles lol totally understand. Yeah, Delta has been solid concerning trip changes. I can’t wait to hear about your upcoming trip to Mexico. They are one of very few countries allowing Americans to enter.


  6. It’s difficult to express how great it was to see your email this morning. Seeing you post again feels like a win, and there have been so few wins this year, so thanks for being here. Most of my trips cancelled back in March/April. Delta was easy in getting a refund, Air Canada and United took a while. I’m scheduled on my first airline trip this week since February, Denver to Reagan National. I’d prefer to take delta because they’re blocking middle seats but they don’t have a direct flight so I’m stuck with United. I’m very interested to see what airline travel looks like now.


  7. @thetelltaletasha Yeah, I’ve received some emails asking for advice concerning a few OTA horror story refunds. I would also try speaking to the airline. Many airlines are now letting you cancel flights directly with them, even if you booked through an OTA. I would also check the fine print on the OTA now. Many providers are relaxing their rules, but not all. It can’t hurt.


  8. @dronejammin Your words mean a lot, thank you. I’m interested to hear about your travel experience (airport experience, flight, masks, etc) during the COVID era. Unfortunately, I can’t add any insight here. I haven’t been on a plane since January but passenger loads have been trending up. You also present an interesting conundrum…direct flight with no blocked middle seats or connection with blocked middle seats.


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