How To Remove A Closed Credit Card From Your American Express Online Profile (3 Easy Steps)

Recently, I wrote about “refreshing” my wallet. Personally, I had not planned for a global pandemic, so my current portfolio of cards was a bit heavy with travel benefits that were not being utilized.

Unfortunately for the credit card issuers, I’m a numbers guy and was unable to justify keeping some cards in my wallet despite some of the temporary perks they were adding to the cards.

However, after cancelling and/or product changing to new cards, the (old) cards were still present on my profile. Although it’s not a big deal, I would prefer a simpler layout on my login screen so, I thought it would be a great idea to develop a guide for anyone that may be in the same situation.

The best part is that it only takes 3 steps to complete the process.


For various reasons, I’ve purged a few cards issued by American Express since the beginning of the year, including:

  • Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant American Express Card [READ MORE]
  • The Business Platinum Card from American Express [READ MORE]
  • Delta SkyMiles Gold Business American Express Card [READ MORE]

We won’t dive into the details on this post but my homepage appears a bit cluttered…


I like simplicity and wanted to remove the 3 canceled cards from my profile, so here are the three steps that I took to remove the cards…


After logging into your account, simply click on the “Account Services” tab at the top of your screen.


On the next screen, click on “card management” and then “remove card from online management.”

After selecting “remove card from online management,” you will be taken to another screen where you can…


Select the card that you want to remove and click “remove card.”

The following screen will show the card has been removed and suggest additional options. I (clearly) had a few cards to remove so I selected “remove another card.”

I proceeded to log out and then log back in…and voila! The only cards that appeared on my account were the cards that were still open.


If prefer (old) cards to not appear on your account, simply use the 3 steps mentioned above and you should have no problem removing them.

It’s worth mentioning that Amex currently has a ‘live chat’ function, generally located in the lower right hand corner of your homepage, that you can also use to remove a card.

The chat button is much easier to use but if the bank removes the live chat at some point in the future, I trust the steps above will serve as a good foundation for completing the process.

What cards do you have in your wallet? Are you planning a wallet refresh?

p.s. And don’t forget THIS GUIDE to removing Citi cards from your profile too.

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