I’m Signing Off…

Over the last few months, I’ve seen a community that looks like me devastated and ravaged by a virus at a significantly higher rate than other communities.

Over the last few years I’ve seen a community that looks like me devastated and ravaged by police brutality.

Eric Garner, Ezell Ford, Michelle Cusseaux, Tanisha Anderson, Tamir Rice, Natasha McKenna, Walter Scott, Philando Castile, Botham Jean, Atatiana Jefferson, Breonna Taylor, Ahmad Arbery, George Floyd…and these are names off the top of my head. Who am I missing? Who didn’t make the news? Who didn’t receive coverage (and likely justice) because there was no video?

My first “escape” has always been travel, but where does one go when you can find no refuge?

Truth be told, being at “home” is lonely and being on the road is equally as lonely.

Scrolling through social media screen shots of injustice only remind me of this loneliness because, tragically, I know how it ends without even watching.

In recent days, I’ve felt more overwhelmed because the pain is inescapable. Emotions have come full force because this is my reality. This is my life every day.

Waking up and praying that I have no interaction with the police daily is exhausting.

I’m anxious about daily routines (or at least what should be routine) because it could result in me losing my life.

As much as I love traveling and talking about travel, it’s become difficult to do. I can’t focus and losing the drive to write about the thing that I love is tough.

I can’t sleep despite being exhausted so I’m going to take a break and spend more time with my first and true love…my wife, daughter, and family.

I love y’all and I’ll be back but for now I’m signing off with my…



Dash Jamal


  1. May you feel the prayers of millions as you navigate through your day. We see you black man, and will continue to keep you lifted. Much love enjoy the time away. Be blessed.

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  2. @Chardé I’ll be back. The miles and points hobby is exciting and always changing so there will be plenty to write about when I return. Thank you for reading and all the love in my comments section.

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  3. Oh my! I totally understand. I pray for my brothers, father, cousins, and uncles as well. It’s scary time for them too and myself! I will keep you in my prayers and will definitely miss your post. I’ve logged off social media a few days ago because I just couldn’t take it anymore. The situation hasn’t gone away but I’m no longer as stressed. Take care of yourself/family and be safe! Love a faithful follower of your blog 🙂 -Jaime

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  4. I gotta tell you, the 6am (mountain) email from you has been the only consistent email I’ve looked forward to every day for quite some time. I really appreciate your voice, content, and advice, especially during such wild times. I also get why you need to step away. I appreciate you on so many levels, many thanks and much love.

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  5. The journey has been so inspiring.
    You have always brought joy with you. I have told you many times there are three important things in life
    A God to service
    Good health
    Unconditional love
    Hold fast to this truth
    Love always

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  6. Hey Dash,

    Please remember that there are millions of good people in the world and try to focus your energy on them and try not to think too much about the bad people. I’m not good at writing out my thoughts but I hope you can understand what I’m trying to say.

    Take care and enjoy time with your family.

    Hopefully we will be able to travel again and escape our daily routines.


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  7. I’m so sad to see you go. Although I have not been as dedicated to the blog as I should have been, I thoroughly enjoyed what I did read. You’ve taught me (ALL OF US WHO READ) a lot regarding traveling and credit cards. I will be looking forward to you returning to fill our heads with more knowledge and wisdom. May you be blessed in whatever your new endeavors may be………..in spite of the current world situations. Enjoy your wife and baby and always keep family first. Best Wishes and Much Love,
    Aunt Barbara


  8. Thought the lack of notifications was due to covid. I missed this post. Best wishes. Thanks for the inspiration. ✊🏾


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