BOOKED: New Singapore First Class Suites!

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With the new year right around the corner, it’s time to begin preparing and finalizing my trips in 2020. I’ve spent the past several days thinking about destinations and hotels that excite me. But what gets me most excited is determining how I’m going to get there. After all, I want to ensure that I start 2020 off right in terms of the products that I review and provide inspirational information.


A few months ago I wrote about how I booked a $23,000 First Class ticket on All Nippon Airlines (ANA). However, there was a big hurdle with booking the ticket. Essentially, I booked a ticket without knowing if I was going to be reviewing an “old” first class or new first class.

ANA (new) First Class

To increase the odds that I would have the opportunity to review their new first class, I booked a roundtrip ticket between New York (JFK) and Tokyo Haneda (HND) (outbound flight in April 2020 and return in August 2020) and hoped that ANA would install the new seats before my flights.

Regardless, I was excited to review first class because it’s, typically, difficult to find more than a few singular dates in an ENTIRE CALENDAR YEAR where ANA has released first or business class seats.


Now that my round-trip ANA flights are booked (albeit 4 months apart), I have to determine the flights that I’m going to review on either side of the ANA flights. In other words, I need to fly home from Japan AND find a way back to Japan later in the year.

Typically, booking my flights 4 months apart is NOT the way that I schedule my flights but it’s been exciting.

For example, at the beginning of this month, I wrote about rare Singapore First Class award availability. Well…
– I haven’t flown to (or through) Singapore Changi Airport in 2 years (which is often described as a mall that happens to have planes that leave from it)
– I haven’t seen Changi’s newest installation “The Jewel” (google it)
– And I haven’t flown Singapore First Class. Doesn’t this look amazing…


So I decided to go for it. I searched for availability and I was able to secure a flight from London Heathrow (LHR) to Singapore Changi (SIN) a few days before my return trip from HND-NYC.

I transferred 125,000 points from Chase to Singapore Airlines and paid SGD415 (~$300 USD) in taxes instead of this craziness…

It would’ve only cost 125k and SGD52 (~$38USD) if I would’ve flown in the opposite direction however the availability did not fit my schedule. It’s a lot of miles but it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


So right now my schedule looks like this…

April 2020 (Outbound):
NYC (JFK) – Tokyo (HND) – (Insert City) – USA

August 2020 (Return):
USA – London (LHR) – Singapore (SIN) – Tokyo (HND) – NYC (JFK)

The outline of flights (above) is not written in stone. For example, in April, I am flying from New York (JFK) to Tokyo (HND) but I still need to come back to the USA. I could book a direct flight back to the states or do something a bit more exciting like… New York (JFK) – Tokyo (HND) – Bangkok (BKK) – Sydney, Australia (SYD) – Abu Dhabi (AUH) – London (LHR) – Los Angeles (LAX).


My top priority is reviewing an airline that is going to be beneficial for you.

Oman Air, Qantas, Thai, Delta, Ethiopian, Cathay Pacific, Kuwait Airways, Royal Jordanian, Egypt Air, American Airlines, China Southern, China Eastern, Etihad, United Airlines, British Airways, Royal Air Maroc, Emirates, Fiji Airways, South African…there are so many choices.

Afrochella has been all over social media and I’ve received quite a few emails over the last week inquiring about different ways to travel to Africa.

The silver lining of piecing this trip together one-by-one is that it gives me the opportunity to review other airlines and provide meaningful (hopefully inspirational) content which is my ultimate goal.

I can’t wait to try Singapore’s new Suites on my 13 hour flight, visit Singapore Changi airport, and explore Singapore (the city). Between now and that trip I’ll be doing quite a few big trips, so stay tuned for the details of that, as I’m in the process of finalizing those tickets.

What airlines would you like me to review? Are there any hotels (or cities) that you would like to see on the blog or you are interested in staying in?


  1. This is all pretty awesome!
    That potentially cool adventurous outbound trip sounds like my type of traveling! Did you fly on the Boeing 737 Max before they grounded it? Do you know what planes the Ethiopian Airline flies?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Interestingly, I had a Max 8 flight a day after they grounded the plane so I never flew on it. And Ethiopian has a a fairly modern fleet (including A350s, dreamliners, and a handful of 777s). They’re an amazing success story as far as Africa-based airlines. They don’t have industry leading business class but they’re ok. You interested in flying them?


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