Las Vegas Hotel Waiving Resort Fees. Other Hotels Matching (Perhaps Permanently)?

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If you can’t tell, I’m extremely intrigued about Las Vegas reopening despite not having any plans to visit any time soon.

The casinos on the Las Vegas strip have been shuttered for 2 months and as you may have expected, the impact to the economy has been devastating.

Last week, I wrote about Nevada’s announcement to reopen and Las Vegas living up to their new slogan Vegas “reimagined.”

Well, there appears to be more surprises on the horizon concerning their new start.


This morning I received an email from the Sahara Hotel (formerly the SLH) announcing they were waiving resort fees for the whole month.

Although I’ve never stayed at the Sahara (or SLH), I thought it was a targeted email. In other words, it only applied to someone that was a “member” of the loyalty program, or stayed at a sister property (within the brand), etc.

However, upon further inspection, this promotion is available to everyone and it is featured on Sahara’s website.

Per their website:

At SAHARA Las Vegas, we’re celebrating our re-opening in true Vegas fashion – where guests are treated to impeccable service at our intimate, boutique resort, parking is always free and resort fees are waived on all hotel bookings for future stays. All. Month. Long.

Las Vegas really loves this using that word “intimate.” They used that phrase in their new slogan too. 🤔

Regardless, here at the terms and conditions:

  • NO resort fees when you book by June 30
  • Access to two amazing rooftop pools 
  • Award-winning dining, including the famed Bazaar Meat By José Andrés
  • Exclusive SAHARA Cares health and safety program designed with your well-being in mind
  • Innovative contactless technologies such as a virtual concierge where assistance is just a text away
  • Free parking always

To be clear, this promotion applies to rooms booked by June 30th but for ANY DATE in the future.


Immediately after Las Vegas announced they would be reopening, MGM Resorts announced they would be offering free parking (yes, they charge for parking too) and subsequently most of the hotels on the strip matched the decision by MGM.


The hotels on the strip will reopen this coming Thursday (June 4) and I am curious to see if other hotels will match Sahara’s announcement concerning resort fees.

Although, I have no plans of visiting Las Vegas any time soon, I am fascinated by the reopening of the strip and expect it to be very different than the Vegas we’ve known before.

But as I mentioned in my previous post, it’s hard for me to imagine an experience different than what I’ve experienced before: rubbing shoulders with hoards of tourists, eating at a buffet with hoards of tourists, visiting a casino with hoards of tourists, etc.

With the MGM Grand alone having nearly 7,000 rooms, I think the hotels have an extremely challenging road ahead and it has the potential to be disastrous if not done properly.

But the elimination of resort fees and parking fees does make Las Vegas a tad bit more interesting. But just a tad.

What do you think about the elimination of resort fees? Is Las Vegas more appealing without resort fees?


  1. I got the same email from Sahara and I found it somewhat irritating. I remember when Vegas had free parking everywhere and no resort fees. And then it was like one day, they started charging extra for everything. I’m unimpressed with this initiative. It will likely take more than a waived resort fee to get me back into a casino.

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  2. @ dronejammin Las Vegas has A LOT of work to do. It’s not surprising that the number of visitors has been deceasing consistently for the past 4 years. In my view, the aspect that keeps them in business are conventions/conferences. I think all the fees would disappear if big business decided on another city. But I also think, it’s simple solution for big business. I mean “who doesn’t enjoy vegas?” It’s probably a lot easier on the bottom line if we meet in LV than it is meeting in Honolulu.


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