Reader Success Story: “I never thought I would ever be going to Hawaii…”

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I wanted to share a story from 1TP reader Nevaeh who combined information from several blogs to book a family trip to paradise. If you’re not familiar with this travel hack, take it one step at a time…

I’m writing to say thank you for your travel hacks. My daughter and I are on our way to Hawaii and I couldn’t be more excited.

A few weeks ago, you posted a blog about the Southwest personal cards having a signup bonus of 65,000 points after spending $2000 in 3 months. I’m new to credit cards so just wanted to “get my feet wet.” I knew I spent $700 per month without a doubt so I applied for a card and was approved.

It has always been a dream of mine to visit Hawaii so I was inspired by your family trip to Hawaii on Southwest Airlines.

Ironically, I am from the bay area so I was determined to replicate your flight from Oakland.

I had also bookmarked your blog about maximizing Southwest points and how the points change with the price of the ticket. I had no clue what that meant at the time but had an ah-ha moment when you recently blogged about Southwest Airlines having a sale and recommend checking current reservations for a price difference.

The flight from Oakland had decreased and was now 6,864 Southwest points (or $99). I used the steps from your blog to rebook my flight and the points were refunded.

I never thought I would ever be going to Hawaii particularly for paying bills like my rent. Imagine how many trips I can take to Hawaii now just from the signup bonus.

Yesterday, you blogged about the remaining days to get the Southwest card and meeting minimum spend and it put a smile on my face because I feel like I knew nothing about points a few months ago but now I’m going to Hawaii using points. It’s a crazy world.

Keep writing. I look forward to receiving your email every morning.

Thank you,


p.s. My apartment building charges a $3 surcharge to pay my rent with a credit card. Incredible! I don’t mind paying that at all.


I always enjoy hearing from readers that have questions or have been successful in booking travel using points and miles.

It’s worth noting that if you plan to travel to Hawaii soon, here is some information to be aware of:

  • Facial masks are required on all islands.
  • There is a mandatory 14-day quarantine is required for all passengers (visitors and returning residents) arriving into the state of Hawaii on or before September 30. Additionally, operations, including peer-to-peer platforms or sharing services, may not rent vehicles to any person who is subject to a 14-day traveler quarantine order
  • People who are required to self-quarantine for 14 days must designate a hotel or motel as their designated quarantine location. No person who is subject to the mandatory self-quarantine is allowed to stay in a short-term or vacation rental (e.g. Airbnb)
  • As this would mean that visitors would need to remain in their rooms for most or all of their vacation, travelers are strongly urged to postpone any trips to Hawaii.

Hawaii is serious about the rules above. Law enforcement conducts compliance checks to ensure that both travelers and residents who have recently returned from a trip are at their designated quarantine location. In fact, a few hundred people have been arrested on Oahu, Kauai, Maui and Hawaii for violations of the emergency order.

The state of Hawaii’s Department of Transportation website further explains the entrance and quarantine process if you’re interested.

However, if booked a Southwest flight with points, all is well in the world as you can instantly obtain a refund, no questions asked.

What locations are you interested in visiting? What questions can I answer for you?


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