Review: Menzies Executive Lounge (Stockholm Arlanda)

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After visiting the Norrsken Lounge for about 15 minutes, I felt it was time to move on because I knew I wanted to review a few other lounges before departing from Stockholm.

So, I departed Norrsken Lounge and made my way to the Menzies Executive Lounge.


The Menzies Executive Lounge is located in Arlanda Terminal 5, for Schengen flights, near Gate 26 (and right beside the Passport Control).

It is number #46 on the map below.

Hours of operation:
Monday – Friday: 06:30 to 18:30
Saturday: 10:00 to 15:30
Sunday: 9:30 to 16:30
Important: It’s worth noting that this lounge will close permanently (by the end of the year (2019) but an exact date has not been confirmed.


As you will see below, quite a few people have access to this lounge. Despite, the number of programs that have access, the lounge was not busy. I am not sure if this is typical or because I was visiting the lounge at 7PM on a Thursday.

Access to the lounge included Priority Pass members which is how I was able to enter the lounge.

If you don’t have a Priority Pass membership, the best way of getting access is through a credit card. A few options include:

If you are a transit passenger, access to the lounge will require a valid Schengen visa.

As I entered, there were two women in front of me, however, it only took a matter of minutes for the staff to check all three of us in.

In my short time in this lounge, I noticed the front desk attendant was also the woman that was refreshing and cleaning the buffet area. Again, the lounge did was not busy during my visit so I assume having one staff is acceptable.

Additionally, opposite the front desk, you will find a wide selection of newspapers, both Nordic and international if newspapers are of interest.


After being checked in, I headed to the buffet. It was fairly limited and included a pretty basic selection of cold buffet options and drinks.

For example, there was sliced turkey, cheese, milk, and tomato juice…

…instant cup noodles (or ramen as many college students describe it), assorted rolls…

…yoghurt, hummus, and a random assortment of vegetables.

None the food seemed appealing, however, the biggest criticism I have is none of the food was labeled AND the choices seemed obscure. For example, in the photo above, there are 15 visible items and two labels (one says “yoghurt natural” and the other says “yoghurt vanilla”). What was I supposed to eat the yoghurt with? Lettuce?

Located a bit further down the counter was a soft drink dispenser, coffee machine, as well as a good selection of Twinings tea.

Spendrups draft beer and Spring Village wines (Chardonnay and Shiraz) were located just beyond the soft drink dispenser.

Communication and Entertainment

There are three TV screens showing both swedish and english programs, as well as three monitors showing the schedule of departures. Unfortunately, the print on the departure screen is so small that you will not be able to read it (thus the reason I did not include a photo), and there are no announcements for boarding so pay attention to your boarding time.

If you have your own mobile or computer, a username and password should be provided to you upon check-in at the front desk.


There are no shower rooms but there were plenty of toilets and the bathroom was extremely clean.


For a Priority Pass lounge I thought this one was…ok.

The Menzies Executive Lounge had pretty basic offerings: a place to have a light meal, check emails, read a newspaper, and just relax. It was large with ample seating so having your own space will not be a problem. And although the sun sets at 4pm in the winter, the lounge had many windows with a nice view (from what I could see).

It’s definitely not the best lounge I’ve been to but since not too many travelers are departing (nor connecting) in Stockholm, I would say this lounge is adequate.

It’s certainly not a lounge I’d arrive early to visit, but ultimately, all I really need from a lounge is a comfortable place to get some work done on my laptop, grab a coffee, and enjoy some appetizers before a long flight.

Have you visited the Menzies Executive Lounge? What was your experience?

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