Review: Stockholm Arlanda Lounge (Stockholm Arlanda)

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After spending the majority of my pre-departure time in the excellent American Express Lounge by Pontus, I decided to explore one more Lounge before going to my flight.

Although I had never visited the next lounge, I knew that it would be sub-par to the American Express Lounge and that is the reason that I spent so much time in the AE Lounge.


The lounge is located airside in the non-Schengen Area. In other words, you’ll have to clear Passport Control because all the airplanes leaving from the concourse are international flights.

For what it’s worth, outbound passport control literally took about 60 seconds but take note…THERE IS NOTHING TO DO ONCE YOU CLEAR PASSPORT CONTROL!

Once you clear passport control, you take the escalator (or stairs) to the second level.

After arriving on the second level, you will turn right to access the Stockholm Arlanda Lounge or turn left to find gates F58-F69.

After turning right, you will immediately see the entrance to the lounge.


The operating hours for the lounge are as follows:

Monday, Thursday, & Friday : 07:00 – 21:15
Tuesday, Wednesday, & Saturday 05:00 – 21:15 and;
Sunday: 08:00 – 21:15

Important: It’s worth noting that this lounge will close permanently on 31 DEC 2019.


Several airlines provide Business Class passengers access to the Stockholm Arlanda Lounge, as detailed on the lounge’s webpage. Among these include Emirates, Qatar, and China Eastern.  In addition to Priority Pass, Lounge Key and Diners Club provide access to their cardholders. Finally, any passenger can purchase a day pass for SEK 250 (~$26).

Access to the lounge included Priority Pass members which is how I was able to enter the lounge.

If you don’t have a Priority Pass membership, the best way of getting access is through a credit card. A few options include:


I presented my priority pass membership card and the agent completed my check-in within seconds.

The lounge is L-shaped, with a long main room, then another side room to the left.  The main room begins with a “unique” looking wall and sitting area just beyond the check-in desk.

Immediately to the left, you will find a vast assortment of newspapers, both, Scandinavian and International.

The room then opens up into a large, open dining area.  Food is on the left, while a large communal table fills the middle. There is also another communal dining table along the window, along with a few relaxing chairs.

One thing I stood out about the lounge was there were plenty of power outlets throughout the entire lounge. They were even visible in the photo above. This is not always the case in lounges.

Note: I apologize for the photo above. I snapped the photo once I had walked through the entire lounge and was at the far end of the lounge so it “appears” backwards. Sorry.

I was satisfied by my meal at the American Express Lounge by Pontus and I would be departing for Doha on Qatar Airways soon so I was not interested in stuffing my face any more. However, I headed directly for the food selection to see what they offered.

As far as the food selection itself goes, well…don’t expect too much (particularly, if you’ve visited Pontus already).

There was a typical salad, a bean salad, couscous, pasta salad, potato salad, and chicken…

…gouda cheese, turkey, hummus, cream cheese with chives, and green onion dressing.

There were also a couple of hot selections including falafel and potato gratin.

I was also impressed that the lounge offered various cookies and snack mix.

However, the lounges drink selection was limited. The selections consisted of soft drinks, beer (on tap), sparkling water, still water, and wine only. Both juices (next to the 7Up) were inoperable and had signs saying they did not work on the dispenser.

At the far end of the lounge (and to the left) there was a small children’s play area however I was unable to secure a photo as there was a 20-person soccer team that had taken over the area.

Finally, across from the children’s play area was a small work area, with a few seats along the window. This area did not appear to be too popular so I decided to pop open my computer and complete this review. Unfortunately, while the windows make this area especially airy, the lounge faces the wrong side of the airport, and thus, there are no ramp views.

Again, this lounge was not busy. It appeared more suited for business travelers, and the WiFi was very fast which is always a blessing.


The Stockholm Arlanda Lounge is a solid lounge.

The lounge was large, modern, quiet, and had a decent snack spread (at least better than the Norrsken Lounge or Menzies Executive Lounge.

If I only had access to Priority Pass lounges, this would be my first pick. It’s certainly not a lounge I’d arrive early to visit, but ultimately all I want from a lounge is a place to fire up my laptop, grab a coffee, some good snacks, and be comfortable.

In general, I found it to be slightly better than most Priority Pass lounges, though it leaves something to be desired if you’re here as a Business Class passenger.

Have you visited the Stockholm Arlanda Lounge? What was your experience?

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