Introduction: Dream Trip for My Wife (and daughter) To Hawaii


Introduction: Dream Trip for My Wife (and daughter) To Hawaii

• Review: Delta Airlines 767-400 (Business); Detroit to Honolulu 
• Review: Delta Sky Club Lounge (Detroit)
• Review: Hyatt Centric Waikiki Beach (Honolulu)
• Review: Southwest Airlines 737-800 Inter-Island (Economy); Honolulu to Maui
• Review: Fairmont Kea Lani (Maui)
 Review: Southwest Airlines (Economy); Maui to Atlanta (via Oakland)

Welcome to my next trip report!

My primary goal for this entire blog is to review Business and First class flights, airport lounges, and hotels. However, I plan to also mix it up by including a few “what’s happening in the travel industry” articles. Additionally, I plan to document unique experiences that I have while traveling, answer some of your frequently asked questions, and also assist you in learning how to do get the most our of your points.

Again, you won’t see many reviews of economy. One exception will be when I am documenting a unique experience (e.g. experience using the Southwest Companion Pass).


A few years ago I had an epiphany. I was (somewhat) content flying in the back of the plane but noticed that the seats in the front of the plane appeared a bit more plush, the passengers received different (and better food) and there was, simply, more room.

I also have a hard time sleeping if I am not laying on a flat surface so it’s easy to understand how flying trans-Atlantic (or trans-Pacific) with any regularity could be taxing on the body so I wondered if there was a better way to travel.

Fast forward a few years, I’ve had the opportunity to fly some of the best business and first class products in the sky and actually go to sleep in a lay-flat bed. It’s an obsession something that I love to do, enjoy talking about and want to teach you how to do also.


This trip report will focus on our experience making a dream trip to Hawaii happen.

But let’s be honest…there are a lot of amazing places on this earth. Every trip will NOT be in business class because I’d run out of points fast, have no material for the blog and that would be a sad day.

Most of my trips can be categorized under “family travel” (i.e. Disney Land, Princess Castles, etc.). However, I will be sharing tips, both, on how to travel solo and as a family. 

This year I obtained the Southwest Companion Pass and have been utilizing it as much as possible because I can book one ticket and my whole family flies for free.


At the moment, we’re flying to Oahu and Maui. We’ll be staying in some nice hotels and giving you an “insiders view” of how to use points.

When I return to the states, I will be departing for a few other countries rather immediately. I’m not going to share my route because it may change but stay tuned because I will have a lot of trip reports coming your way.


I don’t take you for granted. I appreciate all the love, support, and comments that I receive here and on social media. I haven’t met most of you but I consider you family based on the amount of time I spend interacting with you.

Thanks so much for reading and hopefully you guys enjoy this content. 

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