Man Arrested For Buying Airline Ticket And Escorting Wife To Her Flight

There used to be a time when you could go to the airport and walk all the way to the boarding gate without having go through security. In fact, one of my fondest memories from childhood was going to Cleveland Hopkins Airport and waiting at an arrival/departure gate to pick up my family when they came to visit.

…AND THEN 9/11

After 9/11, a lot of changes were made to airport security. One of the major changes was that only ticketed passengers with a departing flight were able to go past security. Even today, with the exception of Pittsburgh and Tampa, there are few exceptions. The majority of airports are so strict that you even have to request permission in advance to escort an unaccompanied minor to the gate.


Well, things did not go quite as planned for a man attempting to send his wife off from Singapore Changi Airport this week. Singaporean authorities arrested the man and accused him of buying a ticket without the intent to depart.

Singapore Changi airport, known for being ranked “The Best Airport In The World” for the past 6 years running, is a terrible place to do this! Every flight from Changi is an international flight so once you go through security, reversing course to exit the secured area can be problematic.

Apparently, he’s not the only one to be arrested. Since January 2019, the police have arrested 33 people for the “misuse of boarding passes.”


Changi is one of my favorite airports in the world and Singapore is also a favorite of mine but you do no not want to be on the wrong side of the law in Singapore.

They do not play around. This is also the reason that the country is consistently ranked the safest country in the whole world.

I can certainly understand the thought process of wanting to escort family through the airport. There are times when my wife has to travel alone with my daughter and anyone that has kids understands that this is not an easy task. In addition to your own luggage, you have to keep track of strollers, and sippy cups, and birth certificates, etc. It can be A LOT to handle. I wish I could be there but, be forewarned that you may be breaking the rules if you attempt this in Singapore. Although The Jewel, a Butterfly Garden, a movie theater, and a 4-story slide in Singapore Airport sound fun, I’m not sure it’s worth jail time and a $20,000 fine.

Have you ever purchased a ticket without the intent to fly?

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