Twitter: The One Travel Tool Everyone Should Be Using

It’s no secret that information moves across the globe with lightning speed…or, at least, as fast as a person can type. In fact, the only reason that I own a mobile phone is for travel alerts. It’s true! 50% of my daily “mobile alerts” are for travel. Ok, I’m kidding…98%.

I enjoy all my travel apps but there is one app that is a game changer.


It’s rare that I post on twitter but I do have an account and have found it to be an extremely valuable tool for a number of reasons:

#1 – It has proven to be the fastest tool to contact customer service of hotels.

Example 1: Recently, I stayed at The Betsy Hotel (Miami Beach) and I wanted to confirm that I received complimentary breakfast. I quickly sent a private message to the Hyatt twitter team and in less than 3 minutes received a response.

#2 – It has proven to be the fastest tool to contact customer service of airlines.

Example 2: Recently, I booked an award ticket from Miami to Atlanta (MIA-ATL). At the last minute, I had to add my infant daughter to my ticket as an “infant-in-arms.” I contacted American Airlines through their twitter page and in less than 10 minutes, she was added. That sure beats calling and hearing an automated “I didn’t understand your response. Did you say booking? I’m sorry, I didn’t understand your response. Good-bye.”

Example 2b: It’s valuable to cancellations/rebooking too. Recently, I was flying from Copenhagen to Belgrade and my flight was cancelled. If you’ve ever had a cancelled flight, you understand the mayhem that ensues with people storming the gate agent or running to the customer service desks. However, as soon as the airline announced the flight was cancelled, I quickly contacted the airline via their twitter page and was rebooked on a flight leaving 20 minutes later. Guess who was standing in line and/or trying to call the airline to determine their options during those 20 minutes? Yup…everyone else!

PRO TIP: Domestically, Southwest Airlines twitter team is phenomenal! There have been instances where I have received responses in less than 30 seconds.

#3 – It has proven to be the fastest tool for receiving “mistake fares.”

Don’t you want to be the first to know when “mistake fares” happen? Don’t you want to search for those fares before all of your friends buy all the seats and you’re organizing another stay-cation?

Example: In this day and age of technology, I’m baffled by how airlines are able to publish “mistake fares.” Mistake fares are when an airline publishes a fare and accidentally omit a zero (or two).

Round-trip in 1st class on Cathay Pacific for less than $800. <— Yup, that happened!!! You don’t have to know much about airlines to understand that $800 for 1st class on ANY AIRLINE seems a bit odd. Just for clarity…this ticket from New York (JFK) to Asia in Cathay First Class, typically, cost around $30,000. 

Cathay First Class


I think Twitter is one of the most useful tools on the internet. You have a plethora of real-time information at your fingertips which can translate into major savings (or a 1st Class ticket if you’re really good).

I’m not sure that I’ve shared this information before now. Often, I overlook tools and “travel hacks” that I use daily because they are normal to me. However, I want to share all of my PRO TIPS to help you save you time and effort.

What tools do you have in your “travel tool-kit” to save time? Who do you follow on twitter for great deals?

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