AWARD(S) ALERT: American Airlines Puts Entire US (And Many International Flights) On Sale

American Airlines 787-9

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Have you ever wished there was a tool where you could plug in your city, tell the airline how much you want to spend, and the airline would produce an interactive map and list the destinations where you could go for that amount (or less)?

Surprisingly American Airlines has that tool and if you have AAdvantage miles, you may want to take a look at the possibilities as I’ve found MANY transcontinental flights for 5,000 miles (even from small regional airports).


First, let’s address the elephant in the room. As you have probably heard, the coronavirus is real and spreading in some places more than others. Therefore, airline bookings are down and airlines have cut capacity out of fear and uncertainty.

I’ve kept my eye on the international flights and have seen business class on international long haul flights going out COMPLETELY EMPTY. I received two texts yesterday from two separate friends that were upgraded to business class with Gold status (I wasn’t aware this was even possible), and coach cabins where you can claim a row of seats for yourself.

I say all of that to say, this “opportunity” may not be for everyone.

However, if travel just calls your name, I’m seeing a lot of domestic coach award space for just 5000 miles each way. For example, I plugged in Los Angeles and April 1 and performed a search of where I could go for 5000 miles and found nearly 100 routes.


American Airlines has made it (relatively) easy for you find these discounted routes as they recently implemented an interactive AWARD MAP.

Simply, input your departure airport and the maximum amount of miles you want to spend and search. The best availability appears to start in early April and ends in late September, but (obviously) will depend on the routes you’re searching for.


Here are a few examples:

Atlanta to Los Angeles, one-way in economy = 6k miles

Miami – London, one way in Business = 50,000 miles

It gets even better if you’re searching roundtrip as Los Angeles – London in business class = 84,000 miles

And if your soul craves a bit of adventure, for 45,000 miles, Tokyo is all yours!


If you’re in need of American AAdvantage miles, consider the CitiBusiness / AAdvantage Platinum Select World Mastercard [READ MORE] as you can earn 65,000 American Airlines miles after spending $4,000 in purchases within the first 4 months of account opening.


Given what is happening in the travel industry right now with the coronavirus, these rates are not for everyone. However, if domestic travel is on your mind and you have some miles available, the world is your oyster, go get it!

If you don’t take advantage of these sales, the interactive award search calendar is a great tool to have in your pocket when everyone is not in a panic and you have some AA miles available.

Is anyone planning to take advantage of these AA sales?


  1. I so interested in capitalizing on these deals!!!!! COVID-19 is in the back of my mind, but you really can’t beat some of these prices!

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  2. @jaci I agree, the prices are unbeatable. Again, I didn’t research every route but I stumbled over quite a few deals, (particularly, if you are in an AA hub). Enjoy!


  3. I checked this out Friday and so many great deals! Sadly I found out buying 2k points jumped from $29 to $79!!!! When did this happen? I was 901 points short of a ticket.

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