Amex Offer: Earn Additional 9 Amex Points (Per Dollar) On Uber Eats Order

Calling everyone that orders food – specifically through Uber Eats – here is a deal for you.

Every credit card comes with a list of “perks.” Some are more eye-catching than others but it is nonetheless a perk. One of my favorite perks of American Express credit cards are ‘Amex offers.’

If you’re not familiar with Amex Offers, it’s a program where your American Express credit cards are targeted for various savings and bonus offers. In many cases, these offers can save you a lot of money (in my case, more than $1000 in a matter of months).


Right now, there is an amex offer that allows you to earn an additional 9 American Express Membership Rewards points per dollar spent (up to 1800 points) through 31 December 2020.

In other words, the bonus is maxed out at $200.

As always, I would recommend that you read through the offer terms so you’re aware of how to utilize this offer but it’s self-explanatory.


To view your Amex Offers, login to your Amex account and scroll to the bottom of your account summary page where you’ll see a list of eligible offers for that specific card. It should look like this…

Ideally, you will find this offer on one of the following cards:

  • American Express Gold Card [READ MORE]; 4X points on food delivery purchases
  • American Express Green Card [READ MORE]; 4X points on food delivery purchases

In short, you would earn 13 points per dollar spent using the Gold Card and 12 points per dollar spent using the Green Card at Uber Eats.

I value Amex points at 2 cents so that is essentially a 24-26% rebate which I solid!!


If you are planning to have food delivered, it doesn’t get much easier than this as you are earning 3x more than you would normally would if you utilize this offer.

And don’t forget, you can use THIS TRICK if you want to see more Amex offers.

Were you targeted for this Amex Offer? Do you plan on taking advantage of this offer?

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