Delta Suspends Flights To Nigeria Amid Unrest (…Sort Of?)

Flight scheduling is not an easy task. Many carriers announce route additions, eliminations, and changes months in advance and often there are delays and even more changes as the date approaches.

With the addition of a pandemic, and a flurry of opening and closing country borders, the equation becomes even more chaotic and is not a job I envy.


In early September, Delta resumed flights between Atlanta (ATL) and Lagos (LOS) (via Dakar, Senegal) with flights four times weekly using a Boeing 767-300 aircraft.

According to The Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionDelta had suspended flights to Lagos, Nigeria in response to the protests and 24-hour curfew earlier this week.

The tension between people protesting against police brutality of Nigeria’s Special Anti-Robbery Squad (aka SARS), had intensified and erupted into fatal gunfire.

Understandably, the carrier stated that their top priority is their customers and crew’s safety and said it is working with customers affected by the flight cancelations to rebook them on other flights.


This is definitely a case of “your mileage may vary” (YMMV). In other words, I don’t think anyone understands what is going on.

I received an alert that the flight had been cancelled for next week. I searched for additional flights (via google flights and, so I could be prepared to explore various options when I contacted Delta.

The first hurdle was the agent spent ~10 minutes attempting to locate the ticket. She informed me that the flight indeed was cancelled. However, during those 10 minutes, I noticed that Delta was still selling tickets for the flight and several other flights, including tomorrow:

and into next week…

After informing the agent that tickets were still being sold on the various flights, she informed me that those flights had NOT been cancelled. However, when attempting to switch to those flights, the system would error out.

I did not have time to complete a deep dive into the situation but if anyone has a flight Lagos, you may want to check on the reservation. Let’s mark this as a developing story…

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