Chase Sapphire Adds Peloton Credits (up to $120 off)

The pandemic has changed spending habits and credit card issuers have been adding some unique and exciting perks to their portfolio of cards to entice customers to keep their card at the top of their wallet. Well, Chase just added one this fits squarely into that profile.

Effectively immediately, Chase Sapphire cardmembers now have access to statement credits to cover monthly memberships through the end of next year (31 December 2021).

The statement credit you’ll receive depends on the card you possess. The rates are as follows:

In other words, if you have the Peloton Digital membership ($13/month) or All-Access membership ($39/month), you have several months worth of statement credits sitting in your pocket right now simply by paying with your Sapphire card.

If you signed up for your account directly with Peloton, statement credits will be issued automatically when you pay with your Sapphire card.

If you want to sign up for a membership, you can sign up HERE.

Important Note: Memberships purchased through a third-party store (like Apple’s App Store) are not eligible for this offer.


As the majority of us move into the cold winter months and find ourselves turning to indoor workouts, I trust many will find this perk timely and extremely useful.

I know we’ll be maxing out the $120 credit in my household. In fact, my wife informed me that she had already switched our membership to the the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card after receiving an email about it but before I was even aware of the announcement. Nice work babe!

Do you have a Peloton membership? Are you excited about this development?

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