Emirates Launches Completely Contactless Travel (at Dubai International Airport)

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Hi, my name is Jamal and the current pandemic has turned me into a germaphobe.

I wasn’t always like this. And perhaps, I’m being a bit dramatic but I don’t enjoy touching any public surfaces without applying a healthy dose of sanitizer (or isopropyl alcohol).

Admittedly, this has increased the number of hurdles in my life because several public locations (e.g. grocery stores, hotels, banks, public restrooms, restaurants, etc.), require customers to use a handle to open the door.

Often, I find myself saying “why doesn’t this place have automatic sliding doors or revolving glass doors!?”


One city that has impressed me for years is Dubai. I haven’t covered the city much on my blog, but it is admittedly one of my favorite cities in the world.

Every time I return to Dubai (or purposely schedule an extra-long layover and visit the city), I discover another feature that has been added to make the city even more amazing.


The city has proven to be one of the safest cities in the world and continues to make its mark as one of the smartest cities in the world (even with the pandemic).

Case in point, Emirates just launched an unmatched safety protocol in the form of a new “biometric path.” It’s a contactless path for passengers that will take them from check-in to boarding with minimal human interaction thus reducing the risks for COVID transmission.

In addition, the path requires less document checks which also means shorter – or virtually no – lines.


Two years ago, Dubai International Airport was the first airport to introduce the “smart tunnel.” The biometric recognition system allowed all passengers – regardless of class flown – to complete passport control without any need to interact with a human or stop for a passport stamp in less than 15 seconds. Simply, walk through it.


Emirates was one of the first airlines to introduce innovations such as self check-in and bag drop kiosks which has made traveling from DXB a seamless experience.

In addition, to amazing food Emirates and Dubai continue to be innovative with advances like “the tunnel” and the contactless path which they plan to expand to include Emirates’ premium lounge entrance (Concourse B) and selected boarding gates.

I haven’t been to (or traveled through) Dubai in about 2 years so I am really excited to experience this in person.

What do you think about this development at the DXB airport?


  1. I think that’s amazing! I really wish we lived in a country that was ahead of the game…Dubai is at the top of my travel list. I have family there and see if how low their anxiety has been about this current pandemic has me a bit jealous…kudos to Dubai for innovative. I can’t wait to experience the airport in person 🙂

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