Shots Fired: Delta Throws Shade At Southwest For Middle Seat Policy Change

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Similar to most social media platforms, Twitter offers you a great opportunity to slide down a never-ending rabbit hole where you’ll often find you’ve neglected real life for several hours.

Recognizing that I write about points, miles, and the latest things that are happening in the travel industry, I spend a “healthy” amount of time reading airline (and hotel) tweets. And it can be entertaining…


Less than 24 hours ago, I wrote a post highlighting how Southwest is making changes to their policy of blocking middle seats. In short, Southwest announced they would be selling flights to capacity starting 1 December 2020 and cited several reputable sources for making that decision.

As I noted on the post, many passengers (understandably) expressed outrage over the change and took to Twitter to voice it (particularly passengers that have trips booked after 12/1).

If the reactions can be summed up in one tweet, it would be “I’m never flying Southwest again.” 🤣

For what it’s worth, Southwest has said they will alert passengers if a flight is “more than 65% full and allow complimentary changes.”

However, only a few hours later, Delta Air Lines published an aptly timed, holiday-themed tweet:

As for the haunted house reference, I suspect it’s a passive aggressive, slick tongue, play on words. In other words, you can substitute “trick or treat?”


We all recognize that blocking middle seats for the infinite future is not financially sustainable. In fact, some airlines have been so focused on stopping the ‘financial bleed’ that even without the scientific reports, the carriers have not blocked middle seats even if solely to make passengers more comfortable about flying.

Additionally, focusing on the Big US3, Delta is the only carrier with this policy. Not only are American Airlines and United Airlines not blocking middle seats but, both carriers have even begun serving food and drinks on many routes – something that most airlines eliminated months ago.

Delta has said they plan to block middle seats until 6 January 2021 but even they have been vague on when they plan to eliminate the perk. At best, they will eliminate the perk relatively soon (~2 months). So, I’m curious…

Was this tweet classy or classless? Would you pay a premium to have the middle seat blocked?

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