Promotion: Rent A Private Island For Friendsgiving (…For Cheap)

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If the thought of spending Thanksgiving on the same sunken in couch cushion that you’ve spent the last 9 months of your life teleworking from scares you, here’s your chance to change your destiny and it sounds really fun…


If you’re not familiar with “friendsgiving,” it is a blend of friend and Thanksgiving, and refers to a large meal eaten with friends either on (or near) Thanksgiving.

Well, is offering a week-long stay on a private island to one lucky group.

The 3-bed, 2-bath, 5,000-square-foot vacation home, and aptly named “Friendsgiving Island,” is located in Marathon Florida (aka The Florida Keys).

The property generally sells for $1400 per night but the during the week of November 14th – 21st, the OTA is offering the property for $2000 + taxes for the entire week.

The listing does not specifically say how many people can stay at the property, but I counted 4 queen beds so I’m assuming at least 8 people.

Quick math: $2000 / 7 nights = $286/night, & $286 / 8 people = ~$36 per person, per night.

If you think you may get bored over the course of a week, don’t worry, according to the listing, the property comes equipped with kayaks, paddleboards, a boat, free WiFi (so you can stunt for your friends on the ‘gram), a billiards table, and a private pool.

In addition to the aforementioned perks, the reservation includes a private chef – and all the groceries – for one-night and will cook “the ultimate Friendsgiving meal.”

I can’t guarantee the sweet potato pone, casserole, roast turkey, barbecued turkey, deep fried turkey, glazed country ham, collard greens, macaroni and cheese, green beans, mashed potatoes, corn, cornbread, yeast rolls, black eyed peas, rice, gravy, potato salad, and cranberry sauce will be on the same level as grandmas because…well, it’s grandma. But they are a chef so, it’s probably going to be good.

But here’s the catch…

  • the promotion is only available to 1 group
  • reservations can not be made until 27 October 2020 at 10AM (EST)
  • this is the DIRECT LINK


I have a sneaking suspicion that Thanksgiving 2020, will be unlike every other Thanksgiving you’ve experienced.

It’s worth noting that although it is called Friendsgiving, you could also reserve this island for your family too and just call it…Thanksgiving.

Every year my family picks a random city, rents a giant Airbnb (read 7+ bedrooms), splits the costs and caters every meal for 4-5 days so this is not outside the realm of possibilities if you can organize it fairly soon.

On second thought, is this a good idea? If things go downhill, you’re on an island. 🤔

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