How To Rent A Car Through Lyft In 5 Steps

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The travel industry has experienced an uncharacteristic year. Airlines, hotels, and rental cars are seeing a fraction of the customers they saw at this time last year and the unfortunate reality is if a travel business does not have a strong balance sheet, it will not survive.

In this new business form, organizations have to be creative in order to survive.

However, I’m not sure what I think about this collaboration…


At the end of 2019, Lyft began testing car rentals through their partnership with Sixt in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Although that was prior to the introduction and rise of COVID-19, I suspect the trial period went well because this morning Lyft revealed the program has expanded rentals to major cities across the US and customers can now rent a car through the Lyft app.

Lyft says the ability to rent through the app will simplify the rental process for customers and aid its own path to profitability.


Here’s what you get when you rent through Lyft Rentals:

  1. Reserve from the app or web – Just tap the key icon on the homescreen of your Lyft app to start your reservation. You can also rent from the website.
  2. Choose the vehicle you want – Know exactly what you’re driving by selecting your car’s make and model prior to pickup.
  3. Easy-to-understand insurance – Choose the coverage and add-ons you want with our transparent pricing.
  4. Expedited pickup – Select your car’s make and model prior to pickup (in the app or on the web), and your car will be ready for you upon arrival — no paperwork required. Plus, Lyft renters get access to the faster priority line for counter service (where available).
  5. Use Lyft credit for the ride home – Lyft credit worth up to $10 will be added to your account so you’ve got a ride home.

Here is the TL:DR version:


Lyft and Sixt Rent A Car have partnered in an effort to make the Lyft app a one-stop shop for transportation services.

Lasy year the business added bike and scooter rentals however, I’m not sure this is the best idea given the car rental sector has (arguably) been affected even harder by the pandemic. In fact, Hertz, one of the largest American car rental companies, filed for bankruptcy several weeks ago. But understanding that customers are seeking a location where they can take care of all their transportation needs in one shot, Lyft may be onto something.

What you think about this latest partnership? Are you interested in renting a car through Lyft?

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