Check Your Account: Etihad Awarded Redeemable Miles For “Your Special Guest” Nominations

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This summer, Etihad ran an intriguing promo called “Your Special Guest.”

In all honesty, the terms were a bit confusing, but Etihad essentially asked for members to nominate a special friend or family member that has shown “thoughtfulness” to them.

Etihad described it as such:

Despite the many challenges the coronavirus pandemic has created, there have been lots of acts of kindness all over the world, and Etihad Guest is on a hunt to find and share these.

Members were asked personal questions like what interests of the nominee has and what makes them thoughtful.

Simple enough, but this is also where the promotion became a bit confusing. The promotional material specifically said:

Curated exclusively for them and inspired by their story, we’ll send a special gift to thank them for being an everyday hero.

Perhaps, I’m reading it incorrectly but it appeared Etihad would then send a gift to every nominee. But understanding that we were solidly functioning in a pandemic, and airlines around the world were attempting to salvage every penny possible, I predicted a few “winners” would be chosen and the carrier would not be sending a gift to EVERY nominee.


Thousands of heartwarming nominations were submitted from around the world. Recipient gifts included 125,000 (redeemable) Etihad Guest Miles, Manchester City Soccer Team memorabilia, luxury chocolates, etc.

Take a peak at the 1 minute video below and you’ll see how amazing this promotion was:

CLICK HERE to see additional additional videos but I’m warning you…you’re going to need some tissues.

But it gets even better…this morning I received an email that said:

Thank you for your nomination.

Dear Jamal,

A few months ago, we asked you, our Guest, to nominate someone in your life who has gone above and beyond in the last few months
. Someone whose thoughtfulness made you think the world of them. We were thrilled by the number of truly moving nominations that were sent in, including yours. 

We had so many wonderful nominations and yours stood out. We wanted to say a big thank you for sharing your story by giving you 2,500 Etihad Guest Miles and a Tier Upgrade straight into your Etihad Guest account.
“Thank you to everyone that helped us create a world full of thoughtfulness.”


This is a phenomenal promotion! During a time of extreme uncertainty, Etihad has successfully encouraged everyone to take a step back, recognize and reflect on the good in the world.

Though the Guest Miles and Tier Upgrade are not reflected on my account yet, I am extremely happy about the bonus miles given to those that made a nomination.

To be clear, I did not submit a nomination for any future “benefits.” In fact, Etihad did not mention any perks to nominating anyone so it was impossible to see this coming.

But interestingly, I already have Etihad Silver Status so I should be moving up to Gold status which opens a plethora of travel perks.

Additionally, I had planned to redeem some Etihad miles for an Oman Air redemption (more on this in a future blog). The 2,500 bonus miles now makes my redemption possible as I did not have enough miles in my account for my specific award flight. I no longer have to fly or spend money to accumulate those miles.

If you have status with Etihad or are interested in the travel perks that are associated with your new status, CLICK HERE.

Did you nominate someone? Did you receive the email announcing your free redeemable miles?

Cover Photo Courtesy: 50SkyShades

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