Singapore Airlines Considers ‘Flights To Nowhere.’ Would You Fly?

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Would you book a flight to…nowhere? No, seriously, would you pay money to board a flight that departs an airport and returns to the same airport a few hours later for the experience?

Well, Singapore Airlines is considering launching flights with this premise.


During the pandemic, airlines around the world have been attempting to encourage customers to continue flying by using various messages including blocking middle seats, disinfecting the planes, eliminating person-to-person interaction (aka meal services), etc.

At the moment, foreigner travelers are banned from entering the Singapore and many Singaporeans are not leaving the country. Clearly, this is not the ideal equation for the flag carrier airline.

Well, The Straits Times is reporting that Singapore Airlines is using creative liberties and considering launching “flights to nowhere,” in an effort to revive the economy.

Here is the basic concept, starting next month, the flights would depart from Singapore Changi Airport, fly around 3 hours, and then return to Singapore Changi Airport.

It’s not clear how much the flight would cost, what type of plane would be used or if the flight would offer the stellar service that Singapore Airlines is known for.


Singapore Changi Airport: Yes, this is in the airport!

I find this interesting that Singapore is introducing this idea because Singapore Changi Airport has rules that you won’t find at most airports.

Although, Singapore Changi airport is known for being ranked as “The Best Airport In The World” for the past 6 years running, the airport is also known for arresting individuals for “boarding pass abuse.”

Recognizing Singapore is an island, every flight from Changi is an international flight so once you go through security, reversing course to exit the secured area can be problematic and hundreds of people are arrested every year (including this guy for walking his wife to her plane).

So how would “flights to nowhere” be handled?


In recent years, we’ve also seen concerns from environmentalist about the impact airplanes are having and plans to introduce carbon offsetting initiatives so another concern could be “do we really NEED these flights?”

Well, I guess the silver lining is I’m not the only one that wants to fly somewhere. Apparently, there is enough of a demand that an airline is considering putting the plan into motion.

Are you interested in taking a “flight to nowhere?” How much would you pay for a flight?

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