Surprise: Hyatt And American Airlines Award Workers Of Entire Hospital With Free Vacation

Let’s start off the week with some uplifting news.

On Friday, all 4,000 staff at NYC Health and Hospitals/Elmhurst received an extraordinary surprise.

In recognition of their hard work and dedication Hyatt Hotels and American Airlines announced they will be awarding roundtrip flights and three-night complimentary stays in select destinations across the U.S. and Caribbean to help the employees “recharge and reconnect with their loved ones.”

If you’ve been watching the news, Elmhurst Hospital may sound vaguely familiar because the New York City hospital has been among one of the hardest-hit hospitals in the US by COVID-19. In response to the crisis, the hospital quickly scaled to increase Intensive Care Units (ICU) capacity by 500%.

The aspect that I find really exciting about this announcement is that it isn’t confined to doctors and nurses. The 4,000 staff mentioned above is comprised of doctors, physician assistants, nurses, and facilities and food service teams…or simply, EVERYONE!

American Airlines President, Robert Isom, said:

Every worker at Elmhurst has seen and experienced challenges many of us cannot imagine. They’ve given so much of themselves and chose to serve their community with care, compassion and equity for every patient. When they are able to take a break, we hope the time away will help them and their loved ones recharge and that they feel our deepest appreciation for their sacrifice and heroism.


This is amazing and I’m glad to hear that doctor and nurses weren’t the only staff being recognized.

Another aspect that I find amazing is according to the press release:

Members of loyalty programs at both American and Hyatt have expressed an overwhelming desire to leverage their miles and points to support health care workers. World of Hyatt members can learn more and contribute points to help support Hyatt’s commitment to health care workers at American Airlines AAdvantage® members can learn more and donate miles at

Well done America, Hyatt, and American…well done!

If you would like to read more about the surprise, watch it ABC.7.

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