Delta Makes Several Changes To Their Boarding Process

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Delta has been at the forefront of many customer-friendly policy changes in the airline industry during the current pandemic including free flights to medical volunteers and extending elite status, club memberships, and credit card perks through 2021.

Well, as safety remains a key concern for customers traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic, the airline is introducing a new system-wide boarding process.


Effective April 10th, Delta Air Lines announced a few additional changes to their boarding process in an attempt to encourage social distancing for its passengers in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

First, it will be requested that all passengers stay in their seats in the airport terminal until their row is announced.

Second, all flights will be loaded from back-to-front and only a few passengers will board at a time in an effort to decrease passengers having to pass by one another as they board the plane.

For those that need extra time, the announcement says:

Pre-boarding, as always, includes those who need extra time and assistance. During the main boarding process, customers will be invited to board by rows, starting from the rear of the aircraft, forward.

However, there are some exceptions to this boarding process. Per the announcement:

Customers are encouraged to help with good social distancing practices by waiting for their row to be called. Those seated in Delta One or First Class, as well as Diamond Medallion Members, remain welcome to board at any point during the boarding process.

It’s also worth noting that Delta is also providing face masks for its employees and recommends passengers bring and wear their own face masks for protection.


I applaud Delta in taking proactive steps to keep customers safe, however, if you’ve been reading this blog for more than a week, you may remember THIS IS ALSO DELTA.

I’m curious to see if requesting passengers to not be “gate lice” (passengers that have boarding ‘Group 9’ yet crowd the boarding gate) works during the pandemic because it does not otherwise work regardless to how many times the attendant says it over the PA.

For now, these new procedures will be in place through May 31st, although they may be adjusted or extended as needed.

And as far as those sitting in Delta One or First Class, personally, I’d board the plane last but as always…to each their own. 😉

What do you make of the new boarding process? Do you prefer this process more than the “regular” boarding process?


  1. I think this is the right thing to do, but as always the first thing I thought about was overhead space and whether loading from the back to the front penalizes loyal fliers. Of course at this time with airline travelers down this works, if planes start to fill up again I can see it being a problem.

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