HURRY! Delta Flash Sale (Roundtrip to Asia for $35)

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Much of the focus in points and miles is how ‘aspirational travel’ can be achieved for little cost. You know…the $23,000 First class seats, Qsuites, the biggest and best Five Star Suite, that kind of stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, as you can see, I love redeeming points for things that I can’t afford. And I love telling people how to obtain these travel experiences even more. But sometimes, the most beautiful redemptions are the most practical redemptions.

For example, what if I told you that you could fly roundtrip, albeit in economy, from the USA to Asia next month for $35?


I’ve written many times about Delta’s SkyMiles Deals. They appear weekly and are great for those of us that have a little flexibility, are looking to travel to great destinations, and have Skymiles to redeem.

As is typical with these Skymiles Deals, the travel periods are very short.  However, these deals are well worth a look if you have a few SkyMiles to spare!


Delta flash sales can feature domestic or international awards, but my ears tend to perk up when I see a combination of distance and cheap price.

In this latest sale, Asia in the focus. You can venture to China, Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines starting at just 30,000 SkyMiles round trip in economy. Add in the roundtrip taxes of $35 and you have my attention.

The featured Asian cities are:

Shanghai, China (PVG)
Nagoya, Japan (NGO)
Beijing, China (PEK)
Seoul, South Korea (ICN)
Manila, Philippines (MNL)

And if you live in a city that isn’t considered an international hub (i.e. Cincinnati, OH, Boise, ID, etc.), don’t count yourself out. Those two cities are featured on the list.

If this sale interests you, go to this DIRECT LINK and book your flight from there.


You could always fly (butt-in-seat) to obtain miles but there’s a far easier less time-consuming way to get Delta Skymiles and that is by signing up for credit cards.

If you are in need of more Delta Skymiles remember that American Express (READ MORE) has quite a few cobranded cards (cards that say “Delta” on them).

Additionally, you can apply for American Express cards (READ MORE) that earn Membership Rewards points and transfer those points to Delta. For example, the Amex Gold, Amex Business Gold, Amex Platinum, or Amex Business Platinum all transfer to the Delta.


Personally, I prefer to redeem my miles for premium cabins (e.g. business class, first class, etc.) but these rates are so low that they are extremely tempting. For example, the 12 hour flight from Seattle (SEA) to Seoul (ICN), for 34,000 +$46 roundtrip is not bad at all. Seoul happens to be a personal favorite of mine too.

A few weeks ago, the welcome bonus for the Delta cards were 75,000 a piece. If you would’ve obtained one credit card, and met the minimum spend, you would’ve had two roundtrip flights to Asia for less than $100. Wow!

Hopefully this list will help you arrive at their destination for a lot cheaper.

Are you planning on taking advantage of the flash sale?

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