No Tricks: How I Saved $200 In Las Vegas Just For Using An American Express Credit Card

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“Why pay full price when you can apply a discount and get it cheaper?” is my daily mantra when it comes to finances.

If you follow me on Instagram, you are fully aware that I’ve been spending time with my family in Las Vegas but to be candid, I have a love/hate relationship with Las Vegas.

THE LOVE: I love the vibe of LV! In fact, my wife and I got married in Las Vegas years ago but I haven’t been back since that date.

THE HATE: I love to save money and if you’re not familiar with Las Vegas, it’s a “budget-buster city” even if you don’t gamble. For example…are you eating dinner at a buffet? That will be $50 per person. Need a small starbucks coffee to wake up? That will be $7. Staying in a hotel? I know you already paid for the room but you have to pay “resort fees” upon arrival at your hotel and those are, typically, around $40-50 per night. Stay 3 nights and boom…$150 just vanished from your pocket. Ouch!

I don’t enjoy feeling like my wallet is being gouged so I avoid Las Vegas.


If you’re not familiar with Amex Offers, it’s a program where American Express credit cards are targeted for various savings and bonus offers. In many cases, these offers can save you big money.

Two weeks ago, I wrote about an Amex offer that was available on my American Express credit card. Well, it turns out that my wife also had the same offer on her American Express credit card.

This was the offer:

THE DETAILS (with a little bit of math)

Let’s focus solely on my credit card offer. If I spend $500 or more at one of the MGM properties listed in the terms, American Express will credit my account $100. In other words, if I spend $500, I will only owe Amex $400.

Quick and very conservative math…
Day 1: Hotel $130, Resort fee $50, Breakfast $30 per person = $210
Day 2: Hotel $130, Resort fee $50, Breakfast $30 per person = $210
Total: $420 (if you are traveling by yourself and ONLY eating breakfast)

The numbers are extremely conservative but add a friend or significant other to this reservation, and you can also add an additional $30 per meal, per day.

Fortunately for me, I was attending a family reunion and the selected ‘family hotel’ was The Mirage Hotel, an eligible MGM property.

At checkout you are able to split the bill between as many credit cards as you like. I was paying for two rooms so I charged $500 to my American Express card, $500 to my wife’s American Express card and applied the remaining balance to Chase Sapphire Reserve Card to maximize points for a hotel stay.

American Express credit card statement

Not only do I receive a discount for a room that I was going to stay in anyway, but I also received points for a “travel purchase” and those points can be used to subsidize or eliminate any future travel costs.


Again, why pay full price when you can get it for cheaper?

This is as simple as it gets. I did not have to register for any promotion, or sit through any of those annoying timeshare offers. All I had to do was pay my reservation with an American Express credit card.

Amex offers has discounts on virtually every aspect of life including hotels, restaurants, renting cars, paying cell phone bills, purchases at grocery stores, etc. Personally, I do all of those so why not save money doing it.

If you are interested in learning more about AMEX Offers, read THIS ARTICLE.

Have you ever used an AMEX offer? What was your experience?

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