President and CEO of Hilton Hotels Does Not Tip Housekeeping

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I’ll admit it, I find tipping to be a very complex topic.

I trust that most people, including myself, welcome great service and information that may lead to a phenomenal experience and believe in rewarding individuals that contribute to those specific moments.

However, the president and CEO of Hilton Hotels, Christopher Nassetta mentioned that he does not tip housekeeping when he checks out of a hotel.


This past week, at the 41st Annual NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference, a reporter asked Nassetta how much he would be leaving for housekeeping.

“I typically do not leave a tip,” Nassetta responded.

Ironically, Nassetta had just completed his speech, telling a packed ballroom of more than 2,000 hospitality industry professionals how he had worked his way from the bottom.

However, Nassetta went on to say that his decision to forgo the standard daily housekeeping tip had more to do with his respect for everyone working behind the scenes at hotels.


Individuals that work in the hospitality industry have some of the hardest jobs on the planet.

I’ve read that leaving $1 to $5 should be customary per night. I have also stayed in hotels where tipping has been encouraged by leaving an empty envelope, sometimes with the housekeeper’s name, prominently on the bed or nightstand.

But if the CEO (who makes ~$20 million / year) doesn’t tip, should I?

Do you tip housekeeping when staying in a hotel? Do you leave an additional tip for the individuals that are “behind-the-scene” making your stay enjoyable also?

Quick Story: One time, I checked into my hotel room and there was a half-empty bottle of room-temperature wine on the desk with a note that said “Thank you for all you do.” It raised a lot of questions for me…was the wine and note intended for me? If not, why is it in my room? Did housekeeping clean this room and forget to take this? What else did housekeeping now clean? Who “tips” with a bottle of opened wine?

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