Black Friday Freebie: $40 For Shopping Online At Hundreds of Retailers

First, let me say happy holidays to you and yours. I’ll keep this quick…before you make those Black Friday purchases tonight at midnight or over the course of tomorrow, be smart.

This may be the easiest money you’ll earn this year particularly as we head into the holiday shopping season.


Whenever I purchase anything online, I always consider a shopping portal.

For example, you may have seen THIS FUNNY COMMERCIAL where people attempt to pronounce the cash back shopping portal called Rakuten (pronounced RACK-un-ten). Although funny, this portal can save you serious money on purchases that you were going to make anyway.

The process is simple:

  1. Sign in to Rakuten
  2. Find the store you want to shop at (there are hundreds of retailers)
  3. buy something
  4. Rakuten will give you the money back by check or via paypal

Well, the site just launched a solid bonus for new members and a chance for existing members to take home some cash or American Express MR points (more on this below) as well.

Heres how it works…

If you join Rakuten via a friend or family members referral link before 25 December 2020 and spend at least $40 within 90 days, both the person who referred you (aka me) and the person who used the referral (aka you) will earn $40.

And since I consider you both my friend and family, let me just drop MY REFERRAL LINK.


If you’re not familiar with Rakuten, it’s a shopping portal that partners with hundreds of retailers like eBay, Macys, Adidas, Kohls, Target, Groupon for the thrifty souls, and even Coach for the “ballers.”

If you log into Rakuten, select the retailer and begin your shopping experience from there, you’ll take home 1) the cash back from every eligible purchase you make and 2) cashback/points on the credit card that you used for the purchase.

The great thing about Rakuten is while the site is advertised as a cash-back portal, you can choose to instead earn American Express Membership Reward points.

Personally, I prefer to earn Amex MR points, because I can extract even more value than I can with cash. But either way (cash or points), it’s solid value. Just be sure to select which method you prefer in your profile…


I imagine some of you are probably saying to yourself, “…but I don’t have anything to buy.”

Well, there is a simple way to maximize this promotion…buy a gift card. Rakuten partners with several websites dedicated to selling gift cards (e.g., and In fact, a 1TP subscriber did just that…here’s THE STORY.

In other words, you could purchase savings now for savings in the future. See what I did there? HA!


If you’re planning on making any holiday purchases, it doesn’t get much easier than this.

Pro-Tip #1: We’ve spoken about Amex offers and Chase Offers several times on this blog. If you’re strategic, you’ll see there is another opportunity to create even more savings by stacking discounts. If you need some inspiration, read THIS POST. Don’t leave money on the table!

Pro-Tip #2: If you’re a Rakuten member but your sister, brother, mom, dad or even bae isn’t…that’s an easy $80.

This is an easy offer to maximize, so don’t miss out.

Thanks in advance for using MY REFERRAL LINK. 😉

p.s. I want to be completely transparent, I enjoy Rakuten a lot, but there is one thing that I don’t enjoy so much. The site only “pays out” once quarterly (DETAILS HERE), so there is somewhat of a delay in payment but savings is savings and I’ll take it either way.

Let’s get straight to the point…some of the links on this site pay 1TattedPassport a referral bonus for anyone that is approved. For our complete advertising policy and details about our partners, please click HERE. Although using the links are completely optional, we are eternally grateful when you do.

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