Buyer Beware: Credit Card Creep is Real (especially during the next week)

Do you have trouble saving money? Do you place all purchases on your credit card to “rack up those points” but also feel like your check enters the bank and immediately departs the bank? If so, we may need to talk about the elephant in the room called “credit card creep.” 


As far as I know, credit card creep is not actually a real term (I just made it up and expect royalties) but is foundationally based on another term that you may be more familiar with called ‘lifestyle creep.’

Lifestyle creep is fairly straightforward…as your wages increase, so does your spending. In short, you get a raise and you celebrate. You buy new shoes because those other shoes just aren’t working for you anymore. Your kitchen needs a new backsplash because that’s important, right? While we’re at it, let’s just re-do the whole kitchen because that’s the most important aspect for potential buyers. And you’ve worked so hard for that wage increase that you need a vacation, right?

Unfortunately, this is the type of thinking that gets people in financial trouble and it can be even more dangerous for individuals with credit cards (thus…credit card creep).

It has been scientifically proven (google it) there is less attachment to money when it is not physically in your hard. In other words, when you’re buying a new computer and you physically hand over $1000 to the cashier, you tend to think about the “value” of the transaction a bit more than when you can simply just swipe your credit card.

Although we all know the dangers of credit cards, it doesn’t stop many from falling victim to it. In fact, as a credit card holder, it’s important to recognize that there is an entire industry built on individuals over spending and being unable to pay their bill on-time. This is how the credit card companies make money.


Over the next week, we will see countless “deals” particularly from the airline and hotel industry given the catastrophic affect the pandemic has had on the travel market.

I suspect that since you’re reading this blog, you’re interested in travel deals. Similar to last year (and the year before that), I will be posting the various deals that I come across. Although tempting, every deal doesn’t have to be taken advantage of. It’s ok that you did not buy points with a 50% bonus, buy the hotel gift card for “25% off,” find Qatar Airlines’ golden tickets, or buy everything on Amazon during the “once-in-a-lifetime flash sale.”

Ideally, any time you can acquire something that you’ll definitely use, for less than it’s worth, it’s a win! However, it’s also important to realize that research firms estimate billions and billions worth of the money on gift cards have gone unclaimed. I don’t want you to fall into this category.

Are there any specific deals that you are looking for (that won’t contribute to credit card creep)?

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