Unbelievable: Peninsula Hotels Generous Check-In, Check-Out Policy

One of the most frustrating aspects about staying in hotels is the check-in / check-out policy. Generally, hotels don’t allow you to check-in before 3 or 4 pm and then they want you out by 11am (unless you have status, then hotels are a little more flexible).

Well, how much would you pay for a little extra time, specifically at the Peninsula Hotel?


If you’re not familiar with The Peninsula Hotel, they are a luxury hotel group that has only opened 10 properties in the past 100 years…

  • The Peninsula Hong Kong – 1928
  • The Peninsula Manila – 1976
  • The Peninsula New York – 1988
  • The Peninsula Beijing – 1989
  • The Peninsula Beverly Hills – 1991
  • The Peninsula Bangkok – 1998
  • The Peninsula Chicago – 2001
  • The Peninsula Tokyo – 2007
  • The Peninsula Shanghai – 2009
  • The Peninsula Paris – 2014

But don’t let their size or expansion timeline fool you, they do luxury and they do it well!

Well today, the hotel group announced a series of initiatives called the “The Peninsula Promise” – which includes, perhaps, the world’s most generous check-in and check-out policy.


Beginning 1 January 2021, all Peninsula properties will introduce “Peninsula Time,” an initiative that allows for a fully flexible check-in and check-out experience. Specifically:

  • Guests can arrange to have their room ready as early as 6:00AM on their arrival date
  • Guests can arrange to check out as late as 10:00PM on their departure date

No elite status is required and there is no additional cost for this perk. The only requirement is that you book “directly or with their preferred travel advisor.”

Gareth Roberts, Group Director of Brand and Operations Support, said:

Especially now that travel has become somewhat more challenging, we understand that extra time is one of the most meaningful gifts we can provide to our guests. By letting guests arrive earlier and stay longer, we hope to provide them with greater peace of mind – and an even more personalized experience.


Beginning 1 January 2021, all Peninsula properties will introduce “Peninsula Time,” where you can essentially book one night and stay up to 40 hours.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but even if you have status with a hotel chain, the best you’re going to receive is “you can check-in early but it’s subject to availability, and have a guaranteed late check-out of 4PM.”

Again, this is a 5-star luxury brand hotel so, its worth noting that Peninsula properties do cost a bit more than a “regular” hotel. For example, a simple google search will show that the Peninsula Chicago has a steady daily rate of ~$300/night (during the pandemic).

It’s understandable that hotels generally have a check-in / check-out policy of 4PM and 11AM. The timeline is optimal to clean and prepare for new guests but is this too generous?

What do you think of their new flexible policy? Would you pay a premium for the extra time?

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  1. Wow, this mean red eye in, red eye out to get the most bang for my buck. Could be worth it in some situations but then again may also be cheaper to book two nights elsewhere. Just depends on how luxurious I want. I’m certain other hotel brands may jump on this too so again, it may not actually be worth it unless you just want that luxurious experience.

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  2. @J.O. Very true! But you bring up a great point…will other hotels follow suit? I’m not so sure they will. Luxury hotels, generally, are more exclusive (aka have less guests that pay more). But they also have more unoccupied rooms thus the flexibility to offer perks like this. You couldn’t pull this off at your local Holiday Inn that has 90% of the rooms occupied, but it is 2020 sooo…


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