Game Changer: Qatar Airways Introduces Gourmet Vegan Dishes

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Qatar Airlines is always on the leading edge of industry change. Whether it be introducing an amazing onboard product, providing mind-blowing lounge options, or developing an airport that often takes top honors as the best airport in the world year after year, your travel experience will be memorable.

But often what makes the airline memorable is their attention to detail and consistent effort to prioritize customers needs.

Qatar Airways Business Class (Qsuites)


There is a growing demand for plant-based food on the ground and in the sky. And while historically, it’s been possible to pre-order vegan dishes, both in economy and business class, the carrier announced this week that it is now adding its first range of fully vegan dishes to its à la carte menu for Business Class passengers on all flights.

Qatar Airways CEO, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, said the following:

We always strive to provide our customers with authentic and indulgent experiences in the skies. We are delighted to incorporate a vegan main course choice to our on-board menu, offering our passengers yet another lifestyle choice that redefines the expectations from a five-star airline.

The new menu will be designed with sustainability and taste at its heart and will include a range of flavorful vegan dishes such as smoked moutabel, spiral courgettes and arrabbiata sauce, tofu and spinach tortellini, asian barbecue tofu, noodles, scallions and shiitake, fried tofu with vegetable tajine, cauliflower couscous and kalamata bruschetta, and chickpea flour omelette.


You may remember at the beginning of the year THIS ARTICLE about Emirates, literally and figuratively, taking Veganuary (vee-gan-uary) to new heights by adding more plant-based options to their menu.

If you’re not familiar with Veganuary, it is the worldwide movement to encourage people to go vegan for the month of January as a way to promote and educate people about the vegan lifestyle.

In fact, Emirates revealed that on-board requests for vegan meals had increased by over 40 percent in January, resulting in the airline serving over 20,000 plant-based meals across all classes. The carrier said vegan meals ranked as the third most commonly requested meal so it’s no surprise that this Middle Eastern airline is also popular among vegan travelers.


I absolutely love this announcement!

As an individual that has dietary restrictions, international travel can be tough. Often pre-ordering vegan dishes – on any airline – translates into a “meal” that consists of various pieces (i.e. bland rice, baked potatoes, fruit cup, etc.) from the larger premium dish and a dry salad. This can be frustrating and challenging when you’re on a plane for more than 8+ hours and you recognize that vegan meals can be so much better.

There are very few airlines that offer vegan options, but I can attest that Qatar Airways already had some of the best vegan options the planet. I hope this is a game changer and other airlines follow suit. Now I can’t wait to fly on Qatar again!

Doha has been a major hub for those traveling, both, to the Middle East and connecting between “East” and “West.” And with Qatars’ network extending to the far reaches of the earth, it’s great to see an airline embracing and adapting menus to fit tastes and dietary requirements.

What is your experience with dietary restrictions on airlines? Have you ever ordered a vegan dish on an airline?


  1. This is fantastic for my wife. She occasionally switches between a Vegan and. non-vegan diet for medical reasons.
    I’ve been searching periodically for Qatar award availability on American and on British Airways. Hopefully, I’ll get lucky and find some for late 21/ early 22.

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  2. @travelfitforaking In my experience, Qatar, Emirates, and Singapore are the leaders when it comes to great vegan options and top notch experience. And 70k thru AA to fly QR biz (or 40k for econ) anywhere in the world is a worth it! 🙌🏾 I’ve even positioned to another city for that redemption and experience.


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