Check Your Mail: AA Elite Members Fast Track to Hyatt Status

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In early 2019, Hyatt and American Airlines launched a partnership where members could earn reciprocal benefits in each other’s elite programs. In other words, you could earn AA Miles in your sleep and Hyatt Points in the air.

Since that time, we’ve seen countless ‘fast track’ and ‘status match’ opportunities between the two programs and it appears another round of opportunity has been mailed to elite members.


So, what is a fast track?

A fast track in an opportunity for an elite status member in one program to complete a task (or tasks) that will instantly give them status in another program. This is unlike a status match that allows you to gain status in a loyalty program simply for having status within another tasks involved. My rental car experience is a status match.

In this specific case, many AAdvantage Executive Platinum members are receiving emails from the carrier offering a fast track to World of Hyatt elite status.

‘Fast Tracks’ are an excellent opportunity to take advantage of because they allow you to “double-dip.” When you stay at Hyatt, you are rewarded, both, with Hyatt elite nights and American Airlines AAdvantage miles and when you fly on American Airlines, you earn AAdvantage miles and Hyatt elite nights.


If you have not received the email (or it’s lost in the abyss of your email box), you can access the fast track on Hyatt’s website HERE.

But here are the terms:

Upon registration, the Eligible Member will have 90 days (“Qualification Period”) to achieve Explorist status through February 28, 2022 by completing ten (10) Tier-Qualifying Nights (as defined in the World of Hyatt program terms) or achieve Globalist status through February 28, 2022 by completing twenty (20) Tier-Qualifying Nights.

Executive Platinum Elite Members need to do:

  • Register by 2 October 2020
  • Earn Explorist status by staying 10 qualifying nights within 90 days of registration
  • Earn Globalist status by staying 20 qualifying nights within 90 days of registration

…And enjoy your new elite status through February 2022.


Hyatt runs various promotions throughout the year. For example, I wrote about an upcoming Hyatt promotion called Bonus Journeys.

If you missed that blog, don’t worry. I’ll be posting about it again tomorrow as the promotion runs from 1 October 2020 – 4 January 2021, however, registration doesn’t open until 1 October.

Additionally, during this same promotion, Hyatt is also offering double elite nights in which the base elite nights are credited to the “check-out year” and bonus elite nights are credited towards the next year (2021).

Surprisingly, the double elite night portion also stacks with Hyatt’s other promotion offering a 15% (or 25%) points rebate on award stays that I recently wrote about. I hope you registered for that promotion when I wrote about it because registration closed on 1 September.

With a bit of creativity and strategic thinking, you’ll realize there are so many promotions taking place at one time that there is no way you can’t win. Good luck!

Did you receive a fast track email from American Airlines? Do you plan to take advantage of it?

Cover Photo Credit: Cape Fahn Hotel

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