WOW: Singapore Airlines Cancels ‘Flight To Nowhere’ Idea, Launches Stationary A380 Restaurant

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Over the past few months, we’ve seen global airlines introduce some unique initiatives to encourage customers to continue flying, generate buzz, and hopefully increase revenue. Some of the techniques included blocking middle seats, disinfecting the planes, eliminating person-to-person interaction (aka meal services), etc.

A few days ago, I write about an idea that appears to be fairly popular and is known as the ‘flight to nowhere.’

Here is the basic concept…a flight would depart from (insert airport), fly around for a few hours, and then returns to the same departure airport and passengers pay for the “experience.”

Singapore Airlines considered this route but cancelled the idea citing “environmental implications, and their financial viability.”

Well, it appears the airline is headed towards some new ideas that I think are pretty exciting.


Today, Singapore Airlines announced a “suite of experiences” known as Discover Your Singapore Airlines where the carrier will offer customers three unique experiences. Let’s take a look at the options:

EXPERIENCE #1: Restaurant A380 @Changi (direct link)

Obviously, this experience is pretty cool concept because customers are able to tour and eat in the world’s largest passenger aircraft.

Just for clarity, this plane is stationary and will not be moving but diners are able to choose from special menus for each cabin class and will receive two complimentary alcoholic drinks, plus unlimited (and complimentary) non-alcoholic drinks.

In addition, diners will receive a limited-edition goodie bag, and additional goodies if they arrive in traditional heritage wear.


  • Reservations begin on 12 October 2020 on
  • Experience takes place on two dates; 24 October & 25 October 2020
  • Price: unknown
  • Duration: unknown

EXPERIENCE #2: SIA’s History Tour (direct link)

This experience is geared more towards history buffs and individuals that want to see what’s “behind the curtain.”

The carrier is offering the experience to tour operation and training facilities, interact with the airline crew / discover more about their training, and get a glimpse into the 70+ year history of the carrier.

Customers (read avgeeks) will also have the opportunity to operate a full flight simulator and sample some of the most popular meals served onboard Singapore Airlines.

Note: Don’t sleep on that last part…meals on Singapore Airlines are amazing!! And if they are amazing at 40,000 feet (which is very difficult to do), imagine how they taste on the ground.


  • Reservations begin on 1 November 2020 on
  • Experience takes place over two weekends; 21-22 November 2020 / 28-29 November 2020
  • Price: unknown
  • Duration: unknown

EXPERIENCE #3: SIA@Home (direct link)

This experience is geared towards “foodies” and those that…well, don’t want to interact with anyone else because we’re in the middle of a pandemic. 😉

In this experience, customers can order a home-dining experience for two created by the world-renowned International Culinary Panel chefs, paired with your choice of wine or champagne (including the option to select a bottle of 2008 Dom Perignon).

The menu includes French, Australian, Japanese and Indian (including a vegetarian options) created for their First Class and Business Class passengers.

Singapore says:

For a perfect re-creation of our First Class or Business Class experience at home, purchase the all-inclusive package, which comes with the exquisite tableware and luxurious amenities available exclusively on board our flights. 


  • Reservations begin on 5 October 2020 on
  • Price: unknown


I like Singapores creativity. In a time where countless airlines are attempting to generate revenue yet still flying empty planes, wasting money, and looking at other airlines for their next “brilliant idea,” Singapore is switching it up (and taking the environment into consideration). That’s next level creativity.

Personally, I’d choose the third option because I’ve actually flown their business class on their A380 (option #1), and #2 doesn’t really inspire me. But #3 is the most intriguing at home dining concept I’ve ever seen but I have a sneaking suspicion it’s going to cost a little bit more than Sun Basket, Blue Apron, or Purple Carrot. 🤣

Unfortunately, Singapore has closed their borders so the overwhelming majority of us will not have access to these experiences.

However, if you’re already in Singapore (and you’re somewhat of an aviation geek), I would stay tuned for the finer details of these experiences.

Which experience would you pick?

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