Emirates Airline Captures How We All Feel In 60 Second Video

I find myself staring at my wall-mounted map dreaming about the locations that I want to visit first when all of this is over. Some places I’ve been before and others I still want to explore.

Yesterday, Emirates Airline released a video called “Do You Remember?” that confirmed that I’m not the only person that feels this way and also confirmed why I absolutely LOVE Emirates (in addition to their spread of vegan food options).

If you have 60 seconds, check it out below.


This ad is brilliant!

In a time when I’d rather be writing about “sweet spots” in airline award charts and how to check locations off your bucket list with points, I find myself waiting because I have a feeling things may not look the same once we get back to “normal,” which is sad.

However, Emirates has managed to put a smile on face and somehow made me feel like Dubai is where I need to go. Is their marketing department great or straight genius?

My only real question is…did they tape all of this footage before “social distancing?” 😷

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