Marriott Adds “Transparency Box”: Allows You To See Final Price During Hotel Search

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“Wow, these hotels are cheap. BOOK IT! Oh wait, I thought it said $100/night?? Why is the final price now $200??”

Everyone has been there, you find a hotel that you like and price that you’re willing to pay, you go to reserve the room and all of a sudden the price is suddenly more than you were quoted so you spend the next 5 minutes attempting to decipher what happened to the original price.

It has been this way for many years, because hotels think it’s fun to lure you in with a price which doesn’t actually exist, by hiding a significant amount of taxes and fees until the final booking screen, in hopes that you just give in to the great powers of persuasion.

Well, surprisingly Marriott just introduced a simple button that shows the final price while preforming your search instead of on the final payment page.

Let’s take a look at how it works…


Marriott has added the button to both its website and Bonvoy mobile app and allows potential guests to see ‘all in’ pricing for their stays, rather than the ever frustrating pricing before taxes, and those unforgivable resort fees.

Speaking of resort fees, let’s just search the city that is infamous for resort fees…Las Vegas!

Here are the old-school results (without having checked the box):

Here are the new-school results (having check the box):

But $53 extra PER NIGHT Westin…really!?!?!

Anyway, by selecting the “show rates with taxes and all fees” you’re actually able to see what you’ll pay per night without any hassle.

As you can see, by selecting the “price transparency box” you’re shown the truth which may (or may not) change the value of the proposition entirely.


I applaud Marriott for doing something good and not continuing to frustrate guests even before arrival. Recognizing that I do not have to go through the entire process before discovering the hidden fees on the final screen is a step in the right direction.

Finally, the price you see will be the price you get. Thank you!

Were you aware of this new feature? Does it sway you to book with Marriott over competitors?

HT: Frequent Miler

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