PSA: Southwest Airfares from $30 (& Dropping). Book and/or Check You Reservations

Southwest Airlines / Hawaiian Airlines

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If you haven’t taken a look at the Southwest Airlines website lately, you may want to take a quick look because there are some very cheap prices in various markets.

I would also advise you to check your current reservations as you can gets your points back (or a credit) to your account if the price has decreased.


Let’s be clear, Southwest has sales fairly often but this IS NOT that sale. Instead, Southwest has been dropping fares all over their network during this past weekend and continues to do so as we speak.

This means it is a great time to book new travel or to check on existing travel to get back points or credit for future travel. I checked many routes that I normally look up during sales and they are all the same price or cheaper than sale prices!

The cheapest flight options are between Los Angeles and Las Vegas at just $30 one way but travel from Los Angeles to other airports in the southwest are also quite a bit cheaper as well.

Three weeks ago, I wrote about the cheap prices I found between the west coast and Hawaii ($139). Although there are not A LOT of available dates, it appears those dates have decreased to as low as $99 from Oakland (OAK) and Los Angeles (LAX).

Personally, I paid $78 for a ticket from Atlanta (ATL) to Chicago (MDW) next month. The price went down to $59 this weekend and I rebooked it. I took a look this morning and the price is now $45 so I rebooked it again saving nearly 50% since my original booking.


Yes, Southwest does not charge change fees so if you book a fare, here are the details:

  • If you cancel within 24 hours of booking, the amount of the ticket goes back to the original form of payment
  • If you cancel any other time, the ticket (if paid for with credit card, etc) amount goes to a Southwest credit that is valid one year from the original date of purchase
  • You must cancel 10 minutes before departure

If you book the ticket with points, the points will go back into your account immediately and will be eligible for use on any other flight. The points are subject to the normal expiration policy of Southwest and do not expire like the credit above.

How to Change a Southwest Ticket

If the price has dropped, you simply select to change the flight, enter the reservation and look at the same dates and flights again.

Once you go through and confirm, you will receive a refund of the difference in miles and the cash for the taxes will be transferred for the new ticket.

If you are changing a Southwest ticket paid with actual money, the difference in fare will be issued as a Southwest voucher for use within 1 year of the date of the issue of the original ticket.

If you need a bit more of an explanation and step-by-step directions, read THIS POST.


Unlike a sale, I don’t have details on how long these prices will last but I would imagine they would be around for at least a day or so.

So if you are considering some future travel, I would take a look. And if you already have a scheduled flight, I would recommend you take a look at the prices to determine if you are owed some form of credit.

Good Luck!!

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