Deal Alert: USA TO Brazil, Round-trip from $305+ (On Major Carriers)

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Sometimes I say to myself “I wonder how low these prices can go?”

But when I think about lush tropical rain forests, beautiful beaches, Iguazu Falls, and Samba music at the end of the rainbow, I don’t waste any more time considering that question. I start searching for dates and calculating how much annual PTO I have remaining.


If you have always wanted to visit Brazil (or have visited before), now is the time to book (again)! Not only will your stomach thank you, but your wallet will too.

It wouldn’t be a challenge to spend ~$300 roundtrip flight within the USA, so spending that same amount to arrive in Forteleza (FOR) or Manaus (MAO) is a no-brainer.

To put this into perspective, it was only a few years ago that you would be hard pressed to find a ticket to Brazil less than $1000 during peak time.


The best offers appear to be available from the gateway city of Miami and the lowest prices are on American Airlines or LATAM.

These offers are available starting in February 2020 and extend all the way into November 2020 which is a lot of time. Availability varies from month to month but prices are consistent for the most part.

The lowest fares, typically, require at least a 5 night stay in Brazil, but if you don’t have that much time, a shorter trip does not change the price by that much.

I recommend heading to Google Flights. Enter your origin and destination cities and scroll through the calendar function to find dates and prices that work for you. I was also able to find even cheaper tickets through OTA’s like Orbitz (once I found available dates through google flights). For example…

Another route would be to use the Chase Portal. For example…

The ticket would cost $395 for those specific dates or you could redeem ~31,000 points. It may not be the absolute “best” use of points but you’d be going to Brazil for free

Note: Remember that credit card that I recommended that had a 60,000 point welcome bonus? This is a perfect example of how a bonus could cover two people flying roundtrip to Brazil for free.

I would recommend playing around with dates and see what you can find.


I have never been to Brazil but it recently moved into my TOP 5 places to go when I wrote this article. And now that they do not require a visa, it may be time to book it!

Just saying the word “Brazil” induces wanderlust for me.

If you don’t live in Miami, I would recommend positioning by purchasing a cheap ticket or using a few points to arrive.

Well, excuse the sudden departure. Although I enjoy writing about these deals, I enjoy booking them even more. Perhaps, I’ll see you in Brazil?


  1. Thanks for the heads up! I was planning to visit Brazil, Iguazu Falls and Buenos Aires this year, but the dates didn’t work out … I decided to postpone that excursion til 2021 and opted to hit Portugal this year instead. So, perhaps I’ll catch you in Brazil next year! 🙂

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