TRICK: Get More AMEX Offers To Appear On Your Account And Save Money

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I’ve written about AMEX offers countless times as a way to save money on purchases (like THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, and…well, you get the point).

Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed that offers have been appearing on my wife’s account but they were not appearing on my account.

I logged into my account and added offers that interest me to a specific Amex card and, interestingly, the NEXT DAY more offers appeared in the “available” tab on that card.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve run experiments and noticed that American Express limits the number of AVAILABLE Amex offers to 100 per card.

I discovered that once I added an offer (or a few offers) to a card, new offers appeared within a few days. Surprisingly, I added a bunch of offers – that I did not plan to use – to a card this morning, logged out, and logged back in and I had brand new offers including one for the Grand Hyatt (which I actually plan on using).


In this hobby you’ll hear a lot of “theories” and there is/was a theory that you’re less likely to get targeted for an offer after you’ve added and/or redeemed it. Thus, I had stopped adding Amex offers to cards because I did not think that I was going to use them.

Obviously, this is not a good approach for two reasons. First, if you don’t add an offer, it can disappear (<–this has happened to me). Second, the offers that have not been added are taking up one of your 100 available offer spots.


Unfortunately, over the last year Amex has made some big (and, perhaps, negative depending on how you look at it) changes to the Amex offers program like removing the ability to add the same offer to multiple cards.

Ultimately, Amex offers are a phenomenal way to save money on purchases that you were going to make. And I’m glad to have multiple American Express cards (SEE MORE) that reward me with free hotel nights, hotel status, points, and more.

Were you aware of this Amex offers trick? Do you take advantage of your Amex offers?

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