BOOKED! I Am Reviewing All 7 Business Class Products Before The End Of The Year

Yesterday, I wrote about the 7 airlines that I want to review before the end of the year. After I published the article, I continued researching various routes to maximize my flying time and review specific business class products on specific airplanes and all I can say is…”well, that escalated quickly” but I booked all 7.

In less than 48 hours, I have booked all 7 airlines. I am excited about all of my flights but there is one route that I am, particularly excited to share.


This morning I booked a route that I am REALLY REALLY excited about. Check it out…

My trip originates and terminates in Atlanta, GA with the following cities located in passing…Toronto, Paris, Stockholm, Doha, Muscat, and Istanbul. Or if you’re an avgeek that’s… ATL-YYZ-CDG-ARN-DOH-MCT-IST-ATL.

And if you enjoy looking a photos…

Air France A350 Business Class
Qatar Airways A350 Business Class
Turkish Airlines 787 Business Class


Here are the specific details on each leg…

  • Atlanta (ATL) – Toronto (YYZ): This route isn’t very exciting. I’m simply positioning to YYZ so I can fly Air France’s A350 business class.
  • Toronto (YYZ) – Paris (CDG) – Stockholm (ARN): Air France’s new A350 looks phenomenal so I am really excited to review this. I intentionally booked a connecting flight to Stockholm for four reasons: 1) I have never been to Stockholm but continue to hear great things about it 2) I recently traveled to Copenhagen and fell in love with the the city so I want to compare 3) availability for booking Qsuites to Doha was wide-open which takes me to the review that I am most excited about…
  • Stockholm (ARN) – Doha (DOH): As I said yesterday, Qsuites has been at the top of my list for so long that I had to make this happen soon. In fact, I booked this flight first and then began working backwards to determine how I would arrive in Europe. hahaha I can’t wait to visit Doha again. Personally, it’s one of my favorites.
  • Doha (DOH) – Muscat (MCT): I have never been to Oman, however, Muscat has been in the top spot of my “bucketlist cities” for a few years now. I really enjoy middle eastern culture, food, and landscape so I assume this is the reason that this city intrigues me. Since I am already flying to Doha and will be so close, it makes sense (at least in my head) that I should visit Muscat too.
  • Muscat (MCT) – Istanbul (IST) – Atlanta (ATL): As I said yesterday, I have flown Turkish Airlines many times but the airline recently took delivery of their first 787-9 featuring an all new business class. The combination of a new 787 Dreamliner, new business class product, good food, and lack of jet lag is enough to inspire me so I booked it.


I am hopeful that I will be able to review each business class before the end of the year but I can’t make any promises on the specific seat configuration. Typically, airlines use the same type of aircraft on a specific route. For example, Virgin Atlantic flies from New York (JFK) – London Heathrow (LHR) 5x per day. Currently, they operate one A330, one A340, and three A350’s on the route. However, sometimes airlines swap planes due to various reasons. We’ll see what happens.

I’ll also follow-up with a separate post with details about the other flights.

Is there any review that you are looking forward to reading about? Does anyone have any recommendations for things to do in the cities above?

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