Update: Alaska Fixes Asia Sweetspots, Changes Redemption Rates On Singapore Airlines (Again!)

A few days ago, I wrote THIS ARTICLE detailing how you were now able to redeem Alaska Airline miles and book Singapore Airlines First Class Suites for cheap. Well, I hope you were able to book them because in the last 24 hours Alaska changed their award rates.


As I mentioned in the previous article, from 2017 until now, you could fly on Alaska and credit your miles to Singapore (and vice versa), but you were not able to redeem Alaska miles for Singapore flights (or vice versa). With the news that you can credit and redeem miles on either partner, everyone was interested in the redemption options.


One sweet spot was found in the intra-Asia chart. Here is the example that I mentioned…the ability to fly from Beijing (PEK) to Singapore (SIN) – 6 hours – in Singapore 1st Class Suites for 35,000 miles:

However, Alaska has updated their website and the same exact date looks like this…

Alaska has increased the rates for, both, Business and First Class.


Although other routes are still competitive, the most attractive and reasonable redemptions were the intra-Asia flights. 35k points for Suites is pretty amazing!

As I said in the previous article, the ability to redeem Alaska miles for Singapore operated flights adds more value to the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan program. However, I trust there was an onslaught of points enthusiasts redeeming points for that particular route.

If you are still interested in flying on Singapore Airlines, you can do so with Alaska miles but it’s going to cost you many more miles. However, at these rates, I think the better redemption is instead transferring the points from any of the four major currency programs to Singapore (Amex Membership Rewards (READ MORE), Chase Ultimate Rewards, Citi ThankYou or Capital One). Although redeeming points from these four currency programs may cost a few more miles, the points are far easier to earn. Don’t spend your hard-earned Alaska miles on this one.

Did anyone book the suites before the change was made?

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