Today Only: Get 8x miles for Apple Purchases

I love online shopping portals! They are a great way to accrue additional miles and points for purchases that you’re going to make anyway.


Shopping portals are extremely easy. You, simply, follow a link from the shopping portal to the retailer, make a purchase and you rack up additional points just for following the link.


Today, I received an email from the Alaska Mileage Plan Shopping Portal with the subject line of “Today Only: 8x Miles at Apple.”

screenshot from email

As you can see, you would, typically, receive 1 mile per $1 spent through the portal but if you purchase something today (through the Alaska portal) from apple, you will receive 8x the points.

Simple Example: $1000 Macbook Pro x 8 = 8000 Free Alaska Miles


It doesn’t get much easier than this. Not only are you earning points because you bought it with your credit card but you’re earning additional points (i.e. Alaska Miles) for your purchase through the portal.

I ALWAYS check to see which shopping portal has the best bonus when I am making an online purchase. They are easy points for doing something that I’m already going to do.

In this circumstance, I know that Apple is a retailer that, typically, doesn’t discount their products so why not score a few more miles in the process?

If you’re not interested in Alaska Miles a few other portals are offering bonuses today too…

8,000 miles (from my example above) may not seem like a lot of miles, but perhaps, this will get the wheels rolling…

screenshot from

Anyone interested in going to Las Vegas for 5,000 miles? Depending on what you buy, you may have a free one-way (or roundtrip) ticket in your account.

Anyone plan to take advantage of this Apple shopping portal bonus?

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