My Go-To Resource For Always Getting the Best Hotel Price


Recently, my wife mentioned that she would like to go to Las Vegas to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

It’s debatable, but I think most people would be excited to celebrate in Las Vegas. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited to celebrate our anniversary but the first thing that came to my mind when she said Las Vegas is…”RESORT FEES” & “PARKING FEES.”

Vegas has long been known for “resort fees” (which can be as high as $50 per night). And more recently, the hotels have implemented parking fees (which can be as high as $30 per night).

Yes, you read that correctly…$80 more PER NIGHT. This is what I associate with Las Vegas these days.

If you’re not familiar with “resort fees,” they are daily, supplementary charges that are NOT included in the initial booking cost. These fees apply regardless to if you booked via a third party (e.g. expedia, orbitz, etc.) or directly through the hotel website.

In my experience, when booking the hotel, the daily fee will be disclosed and is due to the hotel upon check out. In return, this supplementary fee will grant access to some of the “services” within the hotel (e.g. to the work out facility, wifi, etc)

Resort fees, destination fees; any word followed by the word “fee” makes my blood pressure rise. Call them what you want, I feel like I am being fleeced with hidden charges because I can’t opt out of these “services” that I don’t need.

But I digress. In an effort to be proactive about saving money, I began researching and testing tools of the trade. <—travel blogging kind of requires this, no!? 

I can say with confidence that my go-to resource is Pruvo.


Pruvo is a free online service that aids in saving you money on hotel stays. You simply forward you hotel reservation to Pruvo and their system searches the internet and looks for lower prices for the same room you booked.

The one caveat is that your original reservation has to be a refundable reservation.

If Pruvo finds a lower rate, they send you an email with the new rate. You, then, book the new rate and cancel the original, more expensive rate. Pruvo does not change any reservation for you, they simply notify you of the lower price. If the price doesn’t change, then you know that you got the best rate. Easy, right?

You no longer have to search the hotel website 1000 times to see if the rate changed…it’s FREE hotel insurance! Who doesn’t like that!?


Las Vegas is continuing it’s journey to being a pricey vacation destination. However, Pruvo has also proven to be a reliable tool for ensuring I’m never paying more money than I have to for my hotel stay. 

If you have hotel plans for the approaching holiday travel season (or a future wedding anniversary), I would not hesitate to recommend checking out Pruvo. It has saved me a lot of money on hotel stays.

Disclosure: I am not paid by Pruvo, nor do I have any affiliation with Pruvo. I’m simply sharing a tool that I have used countless times and has proven itself to be added to the travel tool belt.

Have anyone ever used Pruvo? What has been your experience? More importantly, has anyone been decided not to travel to Las Vegas because of all the fees?

Note: I recently read that a few of the hotels in Las Vegas were bucking the trend of paid parking. Stay tuned, I will definitely be writing a blog about this developing story.

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