How to find the Cheapest Tickets on Emirates Airlines

Say it with me…“Emirates Airlines.” Did you just get that warm and fuzzy feeling too? Well, it’s about to get better.

If you haven’t flown on the Five-Star Emirates Airlines, seen the Emirates commercials with Jennifer Anniston, seen the angelic Emirates A380 plane cruising your local international airport taxiway, or heard someone gloat about how they experienced the private suites in 1st class, the showers in 1st class (yes, you can actually take a shower at 35,000 feet), or hang out at their mix and mingle bar in business class, then you’ve been living under a rock this information that I am about to share with you will be life changing!


Buying a ticket on Emirates is not cheap but trust me, it will take your flying experience to the next level. 

Full disclosure: I have been known to fly to another city just so I can fly on Emirates to my destination. That’s how good it is!!

If you don’t have the points/miles (or $$$$) to fly in business and first class and experience the ultimate luxury mentioned above, all is not lost. I have flown Emirates economy plenty of times and it’s no slouch. They have huge TV’s, good food, and comfortable seats.

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Today, Emirates launched an online tool to help you find their cheap flights.

I beg that you please do NOT book your ticket for the 22nd!

Less than $500 roundtrip to go to Italy? I don’t know about you but saving money has the power to make me change the dates of my flight.


You are able to use the Best Fare Finder to find the lowest price for economy flights to over 150 worldwide destinations. To start your search, simply select your preferred departure and arrival airport (e.g. New York to Milan) from the dropdown menu and a calendar view will appear. The user-friendly tool allows you to search 4 months at a time so there is no reason you should be overpaying.


Unfortunately, this tool is limited to searches for economy class (C’mon Emirates, I’m trying to find those cheap business class tickets! haha). 

But unlike other airlines, where you may fly on different types on airplanes (e.g.  747, A340, Dreamliner, A350, etc.), Emirates has a consistent wide body fleet. The airline exclusively flies Airbus A380’s and Boeing 777’s. They are the world’s largest operator of, both, the A380 and the 777-300ER and have ordered a ton more.

Knowing that you won’t have any surprises concerning what type of plane you will be on and a calendar that shows you what date has the cheapest flights, it sounds like a WINNING combination to me.

Emirates has some awesome flash sales and having a user friendly, visual calendar that will show you the best deal is nothing short of amazing. As always, flexibility is key.

Now, the question is….who’s going to be the first person to tag me after they used this post to book their seat in luxury?

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