WOW: Passengers Fake COVID-19 Test Results, Airline Warns of Serious Repercussions

Often, I find myself saying ” waitttt…that can’t be true…can it?” But 2020 has delivered some curveballs and proven me wrong on several occasions….


As I’ve mentioned in numerous posts, I’m currently planning a trip around the world (hopefully).

To be clear, this trip isn’t taking place any time soon but rather I am going over the small details (e.g. What is award availability like? If the airlines cancels the flight, what are my alternative airlines? Should I just review the airline or do I want to spend time in that specific country? Are the country borders likely to be open by then? etc.)

This morning, I came across a message from Aerolíneas Argentinas CEO Pablo Ceriani that makes me sad and frustrated at the same time. Let’s take a look at his exact words…

Caveat: I translated the messages below but if you interpret it differently please let me know.

Less than a week ago we resumed the regular operation of @Aerolineas_AR and, although it seems hard to believe, we have had two cases of passengers who showed up to fly with a POSITIVE COVID-19 certificate. Faced with this situation, we want to report the following.

Any passenger who shows up to fly with a positive COVID-19 certificate or with adulterated documentation to evade the controls, will be criminally denounced and will not be able to board any of the flights of @Aerolineas_AR for 5 years.

Likewise, the ban from boarding some of our flights for 5 years, will also apply to those passengers who do not have the negative PCR certificate to enter those provinces that require it and refuse to carry out the analysis at the airport of destination.

Similar to most countries, Argentina has been battling an uptick in COVID-19 cases.

Over the past several weeks, the country has even required negative COVID-19 tests for passengers traveling between the 23 provinces of Argentina. However, some provinces only require the results upon landing. And as expected, this is where it gets a bit dicey.

This should go without saying, but if you have tested positive, you should NOT be flying.

Well, it appears two passengers attempted to fly with positive COVID tests, Aerolíneas Argentinas wasn’t happy about that decision, and the CEO had a stern warning.

If passengers show up at the airport with positive results, altered test results, or no test results at all, not only will they be banned for 5 years, but the airline will also pursue criminal charges.


Two passengers attempted to fly with positive COVID tests and Aerolíneas Argentinas has issued a stern warning that it will not be tolerated, passengers will be banned, and criminal charges will be pursued.

I trust this issue is not unique to Aerolíneas Argentinas or South America. In fact, you may remember an article that I wrote earlier this year about an individual that attempted to board a plane in Michigan after testing positive for COVID-19 and being advised not to fly. So, I think it’s safe to assume that countless cases have (knowingly and unknowingly) boarded flights.

This article is not to single out the two passengers (and I trust even more throughout the world) that are flying, but to highlight that passengers are going to extreme lengths to continue flying even if they knowingly have tested positive.

Perhaps, I’m being a bit dramatic but this is the exact reason I am not flying. It’s a sad day when you have to publish a press release that tells passengers that it’s not smart or safe to travel while contagious and threaten criminal punishment for presenting a fake test.

What do you think about this announcement? Too Harsh? Too Easy? Somewhere in the middle?

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