Marriott Promotion: Book 7000+ Properties At Off-Peak Rates

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Speaking of Marriott (my post from a few hours ago)…this morning Marriott Bonvoy announced a new promotion called a “Week of Wonders” and includes several simultaneous offers. But are any of the offers enticing deals?

4 Part Promotion

There are 4 parts to this promotion so let’s just start with the aspect that I find most exciting and I suspect will be most beneficial to customers – booking award stays at off-peak pricing.

Marriott Bonvoy loyalty program has three levels of award pricing at their hotels (off-peak, standard, and peak).

Marriott Award Chart
Marriott Award Chart

In theory, a hotel should price at the standard rate. When a specific hotel has a lot of demand and/or has the potential to be sold out, the program will charge the “peak” rate, essentially charging the customer a premium.

Well, with this promotion, Marriott will be charing “off-peak” pricing at all properties for stays through 30 November 2020, but customers have to book this week (8 Oct – 15 Oct 2020).

The second part of the promotion is receiving 30% off purchases at Marriott Bonvoy Boutiques, on various items (e.g. The Westin Heavenly Bed, The Ritz-Carlton Fragrance Collection, etc.)

The third part of the promotion is earning a Marriott free night certificate when you book a Homes & Villa by Marriott stay of at least three nights between 8 October and 31 December 2020.

And finally, the fourth part of the promotion is 25% off paid hotel stays with Marriott Bonvoy Escapes.


Marriott is offering several new promotions that are fairly niche considering you have to stay at a Marriott property in the next 60 days, book a villa for 3 nights to get one night, or take “advantage” of a small discount. Given that there is a pandemic and the window to book is small, this could be good news for someone that has last-minute travel.

However, I think this is a lackluster “promotion” at best and exemplifies the future of the Marriott Bonvoy program.

Here are the facts…hotel occupancy rates are extremely low WORLD WIDE! Every property should be at “off-peak” pricing anyway given this is how “peak” and “off-peak” models work.

Launching a promotion to highlight your hotels have been charging “standard” (or even “peak” rates) and thus gouging your most loyal members is terrible.

If you are interested in searching rates in a specific city or country, try this MARRIOTT INTERACTIVE MAP.

What do you think of this promotion?

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