United Airlines Introduces Interactive ‘Map Fare Search’ And COVID Destination Guide

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Sometimes, you just need some fresh air and a change of scenery. Well, if you haven’t ventured to the United Airlines homepage, some changes may have gone unnoticed.


Often when customers visit an airlines website, they immediately type in the details of their upcoming trip and overlook any changes or announcements on the homepage. Well, United Airlines wants to change that and make the process a bit simpler. 

This week, United Airlines launched its very own online ‘Map Fare Search’ feature (powered by google flights). So how does it work?

Customers can enter their preferred departure city, maximum price preference, and filter using over a dozen filter including:

  • One-way flight
  • Roundtrip flights
  • Nonstop flights only
  • Beaches
  • Beer & Breweries
  • Culture
  • Food & Drink
  • Hiking
  • National Parks
  • Outdoors
  • Romantic
  • Skiing & Snowboarding
  • Snorkeling and Scuba

So, let’s say that you live in Denver, have been quarantined with your 2 year old child, and have watched The Little Mermaid a million times so much so that you sing “under the sea” in your sleep.

So, you are interested in going somewhere that you can have your own “under the sea” scuba diving adventure and you have $215 (per person) that you want to spend on a one-way ticket.

Now, instead of doing multiple, time-consuming searches online, you can use this tool as a quick and easy way to see all your travel options in one place.

Cabo for $156? Cancun for $174? Puerto Rico for $153? They all sound good to me!

Note: I also searched from Newark (another major United Hub) with a max price of $215 and scuba filter selected and saw some really cheap prices, including $34 flight to Puerto Rico and $36 flight to Florida just incase you’re interested.

Here is the promotional video if you’re interested:


Now you’re probably saying to yourself “wait…Cabo or Puerto Rico!? There are so many rules, I can’t determine if I can even visit another state, let alone another country”

Well, earlier this month, United debuted its own Destination Travel Guide, which allows customers to filter and view destinations’ COVID-19 related travel restrictions so that should also help in your quest to obtain fresh air.


Since the start of the pandemic, United has been a leader among U.S. airlines in enacting new policies and innovations designed to keep employees and passengers safer when traveling.

The airline says that it is “the first U.S. airline to introduce an interactive map feature powered by Google Flight Search Enterprise Technology” which I don’t argue but I think the statement is a bit misleading considering you can do the exact same searches, with the exact same filters on Google Travel. The only difference is the United Airlines website limits the flights to United Airlines flights as opposed to Google Travel that includes all carriers.

Although United has introduced a great tool, I still believe that Google Flights is the best one-stop-shop for searching airfares and travel in general.

Regardless, this week United Airlines launched its very own online map fare search feature (albeit powered by google flights) that makes it easy to compare and shop for flights, based on departure city, budget and location type, including national parks, skiing, snorkel/scuba, and cultural destinations and is available on desktop and mobile.

What do you think about United Airlines’ new tool?


  1. You’re full of great ideas! That could definitely take Southwest to a new level. The only challenge is SWA doesn’t partner with third party websites hence the reason you won’t see them in search results on Expedia, Google Flights, etc. But you never know, SWA adapts well.

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