Is Lack Of Travel Affecting Your Well-Being? You’re Not Alone.

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Do you have plans to travel for the Labor Day holiday or are you spending (yet) another extended weekend at home? If the inability to travel has you feeling a bit down, you’re not alone. According to a recent Amex Trendex report, people miss traveling so much that it’s taking an emotional toll on their well-being, causing increased stress and anxiety.


2020 was supposed to be an amazing year of travel as I had planned to crisscross the globe reviewing various airlines, hotels and visiting locations that I’ve never visited. In fact, in a recent blog, I detailed how I had cancelled 47 flights and approximately 200,000 miles of flights over the last 2 months.

The process of cancelling bucket list flights/trips was sad and left me longing for the day that I could return to the skies, but I never processed how I felt until I read this article.

According to the report, “nearly half (48%) of consumers surveyed believe not being able to travel right now is making them feel anxious and stressed and 3 in 4 consumers (78%) say traveling is one of the top activities they miss the most right now.”

Interestingly, as the summer comes to an end, consumers also remained hesitant to travel, “with only 10% planning to travel for Labor Day weekend.”

The report goes on to say that “despite spending more time at home together over the past few months, consumers are still eager to travel with members of their households (67%) compared to traveling by themselves (10%) once restrictions are lifted.”


I recognize that I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams to travel as much as I do. I also recognize that I travel more than the average person so it’s challenging to determine at what point being sad, stressed, or anxious about not being able to take a flight or go to the airport is irrational.

For the first time in my memory, I do not have one flight on the calendar. I spend a “healthy” amount of time looking at my Flightradar24 app, researching flights that I want to take, and determining a path to finally flying on a 747. Every day I have a new destination and airline picked out for where my family is going to go when this is all over and that keeps me happy.

But I really want to know…

How are you feeling? Do you think the lack of travel is affecting your mood?


  1. Yes it affecting my mood! I work to travel and literally don’t do anything else. It’s tough because travel is the only incentive I look forward to yearly and all of my trips have been canceled. I Have look into domestic travel and get so discouraged (it’s so costly solo).My heart isn’t in it. I have family members who have flown recently but I can’t bring myself to do it just yet. Praying by end of the year the world is open so I can take time off to travel. In the mean sint I’ve been racking up as much points as possible with my delta and chase cards.

    P.S. do you know anything about hotel Brands matching Status With other hotel brands. I read an article the other day but it was confusing.


  2. @J.O. You and I have a lot in common. Most of my activity in life centers around travel so being unable to do so is frustrating. Personally, I’m not ready to travel either (domestic or international) so it’s one day at a time. Concerning the hotels status matches, generally, hotels are always matching status with other hotels but I haven’t heard of any special deals. I recommend checking if you are interested in something specific and if you have any questions beyond that, shoot me an email from my ‘contact me‘ page.


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