AMEX Marriott Bonvoy Credit Card: Receive $100 Credit After Spending $1,000

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In light of the pandemic, credit card issuers are thinking of creative ways to encourage you to not only to keep their credit card but hopefully encourage you to put it at the top of your wallet. 

Over the past few weeks, I’ve written about several credit card deals where you can save money on purchases, but it doesn’t get much easier than this. Let’s look at the details.


Right now, American Express Marriott Bonvoy cardholders are being offered a $100 credit after spending $1000 anywhere. It appears to be targeted as I was easily able to find it on my card but a family member was unable to find it on her card.

It’s worth noting that the $1,000 can be made in one or more transactions. The credit card issuer is simply looking for $1000 to be spent TOTAL before the expiration of the deal (11/30/20).

It’s also worth noting that T&Cs do explicitly say that “Eligible purchases does not include cash advances, person to person payments, or purchase or prepaid cards” because I know you are already thinking outside the box.


If you are looking to see if you have been targeted, the offer will appear in your Amex Offers. You have to add the offer BEFORE attempting to spend any of the $1000. The ‘spend clock’ doesn’t start until after you add the offer.

Even if you do not have plans to spend $1,000, add the Amex Offer anyway. You may come closer to $1000 than you think over the next 3 months.

Is anyone else seeing this targeted offer on the American Express Bonvoy card?

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