Reader Success Story: “I Saved Almost $500 And Was On The Exact Same Flight”

I wanted to share a story from 1TP reader Matt who used an ultra-stealthy way to save money on a transcontinental flight. If you’re not familiar with this travel hack, take it one step at a time…

“Jamal,” if that is your real name. I was inspired to write in after reading the story about “Ben,” a 1TattedPassport reader who used points instead of cash for a Marriott stay

I wanted to thank you for your advice on another subject. 

Recently, you told me about the website Skiplagged, which allows you to take advantage of funky routing in airline reservation systems to save you money by skipping “dead legs.” 

On my most recent work trip, I was going to San Jose California, from my home in Atlanta, which is across the street from your home in Atlanta. 

A round trip ticket from ATL -> SJC was more than $1200! I checked SFO and OAK and they were just as bad. 

I looked on Skiplagged, and although I ended booking the routing they suggested through Delta’s site directly, I saved almost $500!! I was on the exact same flights I would have been on, but on my return, I booked SJC -> ATL -> BOS and just didn’t take the ATL -> BOS leg. 

The only downside is you can’t check a bag, because the airlines only defense here is preventing you from “short-checking” a bag, but I was only taking a carry on anyway, so it worked out well. 

I also saved $200 recently by flying ATL -> DCA – > ATL -> BOS -> BDA, and just skipping my flights to Boston and Bermuda. 

Now unless a flight is cheap the first time I look, I always check Skiplagged to see if there’s a better deal!

Thanks so much again for the advice,

Full disclosure: Matt is my neighbor in real life (as was mentioned in the message).

What Is Skiplagging?

“Skiplagging” is a travel technique where you save on airfare by booking a ticket via the city you actually want to go and disembark in that city.

Pro-Tip: Sometimes, it makes business class even cheaper than economy. <– You can’t say that I never shared any secrets with you. 🤫


You do this because it’s cheaper to fly THROUGH the city you want to go, than to the place you really want to go. In this example, Matt wanted to travel from San Jose (SJC) to Atlanta (ATL) but it was extremely expensive. However, the flight from San Jose (SJC) to Boston (BOS) via Atlanta (ATL) was considerably cheaper. So he booked the ticket to Boston and got off in Atlanta during the layover.

In fact, there is an entire website (CLICK HERE) that will help you through the process.


If you’ve never heard of this travel hack, it’s worth noting that there are some “rules” which simply cannot be broken. If you do, things will go awry. So…

  • Never tell anyone you’re skipping a flight (especially the airlines).
  • It only works one way. 
  • Once you miss a flight, the rest of your reservation is canceled. Period!
  • You can’t check luggage underneath the plane. If so, it will continue on to the FINAL FINAL destination on your ticket, and not where you are getting off.

The airlines only give you 5 miles (maybe 6 if you have elite status) for a 20 hour flight so if you don’t add your frequent flyer number, they can’t shut down your account.

Regardless, for 99% of travelers (even if you do add your FF number), there’s nothing to worry about.

Have you ever “skiplagged?”


  1. Yes, I have more than once! Especially coming from the Caribbean West Indies islands as the flights tend to be super expensive! I’ve booked one way with points and a One way back skipping a leg. I will only do it flying solo but it’s saved me a ton of money.

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