BREAKING: India Cancels All Tourist Visas And Closes Border As Coronavirus Cases Increase

The Indian government has announced that it will suspend all tourist visas to the country in a wide-reaching attempt to prevent the spread of coronavirus, as cases across the country continue to increase.

As we’ve seen over the past few days, the virus has hit Europe and the United States far harder than China’s most immediate neighbors in South Asia, where no one has yet died. But as the number of cases in the country have exceeded 60, experts fear that its overstretched medical systems may not be able to handle the type of intensive care required.


Indias government release a statement (seen below) that said:

All existing visas, except diplomatic, official, U.N./international organizations, employment, project visas, stand suspended till 15th April 2020.

The order will come into effect from 1200 GMT on March 13

– India’s Health Ministry

It also urged Indian nationals to avoid all non-essential travel abroad, in one of the most far-reaching advisories since the outbreak began in late December. 

Yesterday, India suspended issuing visas to many European citizens until further notice which was an addition to the restriction already in place for citizens of China, Italy, Iran, Japan and South Korea – the five countries worst hit by the outbreak of the virus.

India has also closed a border with neighboring Myanmar to counter the coronavirus outbreak, as countries across South Asia reported a rise in cases on today (Wednesday).


It’s getting dicey out there!

It’s worth noting that that Indian nationals returning from current high-risk countries including Germany and Spain (or having visited since February 15) must be quarantined for 14 days and land borders are being restricted.

Indian citizens are being advised not to travel abroad and all travelers, even those who have not visited China, South Korea, and other high risk areas, may be subject to quarantine on arrival.

What do you make of this situation? Did you start preparing for this is 2016, think it would blow over, or find yourself somewhere in the middle?

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