Free Gift at Kimpton Hotels…If You Know The “Social Password”

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Kimpton Hotels are the “social brand within the IHG family and are known for their atmosphere and unique social initiatives such as their daily, evening happy hour.

Recently, I wrote about my experience at the Kimpton Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.

Secret Password

Kimpton, periodically, has a promotion where they reveal their new “social password.” However, you have to follow them on social media in order to know the password and revealing it at check-in will unlock a free gift.

Kimpton Twitter Page


If you are staying at a Kimpton Hotel (before September 2, 2019), say “Off Duty” and prepare for the front desk representatives to marvel at how much of a travel expert you are…AND come baring gifts.

During my recent stay, I mentioned the password and was immediately presented with a spin of the prize wheel that resulted in a free bottle of wine.

Kimpton Free Wine

During other Kimpton stays, my password has led to:

  • 2 Local Beers at the on-site bar
  • A Surprise Bag
  • A $50 dining credits
  • Free Movies
  • Breakfast Vouchers
  • Comped parking
  • A Raid of the Hotel Mini-Bar and
  • A Room upgrade

Although it’s not guaranteed, my IHG Platinum Elite Status resulted in a room upgrade at a Kimpton last year. I, then, used the “social password” at check-in and that resulted in comped parking. Not bad, huh!?

By far, the easiest way to get IHG elite status is through the IHG Rewards Club Premier Credit Card, which provides Platinum Elite status just for obtaining the card. The card has an $89 annual fee, but the annual fee, essentially, pays for itself if you make use of the annual free night like I did with my stay in Nashville.

However, it doesn’t take any elite status to say the “social password” and unlock some magic during your next Kimpton check-in.


If you have an upcoming stay at a Kimpton, mentioning the “secret password” during check-in can be a fun game.

Typically, I try (but usually fail) to weave the password into the conversation…

Front Desk: Well, we’re happy to have you staying with us. You guys here for work or pleasure?
Me: uhhh..both, because you know…it’s great to be “off duty”…aahhhh
Front Desk: (stops typing on the computer and is staring at me with furrowed brow)
Wife: What’s wrong with your eyebrows? Why are you…making them…go up and down?
Front Desk: (still staring at me)
Me: Ok, that was kinda weird so let’s try again…

Don’t be like me. If the front desk representative appears confused, just let them know that you saw it on Kimpton’s Twitter account and hopefully they’ll just disregard the awkwardness.

Have you ever used the “secret password” while checking into a Kimpton? If so, what was your prize?

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